Thursday evening ☁️

How is everyone?

Not bad. Off for a walk to the pool in ten.

How are you?

Have been on the bus with the same girl the last 5 consecutive journeys despite there being no pattern to the journey times or days

That’s all ive got to say

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Set up my new soundbar and its loud and fancy. Gonna watch a film soon and put it through its paces

Tired and headachy and sitting with my laptop open in the hopes that my assignment will write itself

That woman………your reflection in the window


Off to see the Avalanches in a bit. To say I’m excited is somewhat an understatement


Sausages, garlic buttery new potatoes and peas for tea. Turns out that Morrisons ‘hot & spicy’ sausages are very much both of those things. Need to take the bins/recycling out in a bit then got some profiteroles for pudding. Had a headache all day that I’m putting down to an impending storm.


What should I have for dinner

  • veggie sausages and sweet potato fries

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Feel like I’ve voted for this option many times this week.

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I wanted everyone to win at some point


V tempted by a pizza or wings or bao bun takeaway

Gonna get out into the sun … now

Been planning my gig schedule for rest of the year. Gosh it’s gonna be pricey

bf asked if we could do burgers instead! no respect for democracy


Quite amused by the relationship between these things.


Evening all!

Attended The Child’s graduation from nursery. She’s been there four years with mostly the same staff so it’s been quite emotional in our house.

I have a total of eight students with work outstanding from 2022. Two of them have resubmitted work that I’m not marking until tomorrow because the first drafts plagiarised each other and I need them to suffer; three should complete tonight because they’re night class engineers and they love a last-minute submission; three could potentially get extended to next year but will either be failed by their department or will submit work to be marked tomorrow morning.

I had this delicious Italian chicken stew that @rich-t recommended the other day: Italian chicken stew recipe | Jamie Oliver chicken recipes for tea.

After I finish my final night class of 2022 (and hopefully ever) I’m drinking my stupid ice cream black IPA and relaxing.


Jfc it’s hot, what was I doing inside up to now??

Yow alroite?

Had a Succulent Chinese Meal for dinner. Feeling a bit too full now :pregnant_man:

Need to take the small furry animal for a perambulation at some point.

Been patiently awaiting a thunderstorm all afternoon but don’t think it’s even going to rain now.

nuts and grapes for every meal :yum:

Had a cunt of a day. Fucking pissed off. To top it off I was going to go to Iceland for a curry but it was closed by the time I got there so had to go to the Co-op instead and ended up getting four Leffes and a big tray of pakora to go with it. Would have been as well phoning one in.

I have voted for sausages THREE TIMES