Thursday evening


Never liked septum piercings before but Florence Pugh makes them look good


There are worse chain places.

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Interesting choice of crime scene themed tiles at this spa day


Evening all :wave:

Feeling a bit shaken tbh - I had a deeply unpleasant Teams call with someone on our directorate - so, a colleague! - who spent maybe 20 of our 35 minute conversation yelling at me. It’s becoming clear that my new employer has a track record for failing to deal with unacceptable employee behaviour. Or maybe I’ve just had bad luck over my first six weeks and have unwittingly brought a number of issues to the surface.

Anyway, I’m watching a program on Netflix about Olafur Eliasson and having a beer.


I’m going to go for a walk if that’s ok?


That is completely out of order! Who the fuck do people think they are to be yelling at someone anyway?!? Sending hugs :people_hugging:


Saw a cute flat, caught up with an old friend, nice beers and burgs


That’s awful! You don’t necessarily think of these things in the moment but it would have been totally reasonable to end the call if he continued raising his voice after being asked not to. You shouldn’t have to listen to that!



Had fish burgers for tea, now watching some Curb and eating some chocolate buttons. Bit restless tbh, might go for a little walk in the drizzle.

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I recorded the last 15 minutes of the conversation - obviously this isn’t admissible if I was to take things any further but it at least reassures me that he was in fact being a dick.

@froglet yes absolutely - I think, in my head, I was going to reason with him and get to a positive outcome but that just wasn’t happening


Yeah I’m going to write it all down. An apology would be nice, and then an undertaking to stay the fuck away from me and my team


Me and Avery are about to watch A League of their Own (the film) cos I’ve been wanting to watch the series for a while, we’re both feeling anxious so hoping this is a feel good film

  • Good choice :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:
  • Not a good feelgood film
  • I dunno haven’t seen it
  • Sometimes I suspect you make polls just for the sake of making polls
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My other half is out for the third! night this week. and it’s only thursday! I’ve got a gig to go to on Saturday night, but I feel that I ought to be going out tomorrow night too just to even things up.

I’ve been very productive on my own by turning up my new trousers. It’s all going on here, let me tell you.

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When to yoga. That’s THREE different forms of exercise in one day. Unbelievable

Making up for it by watching telly and drinking wine and eating Reece’s pieces choc bar


We are moving office tomorrow and it is partly my job to sort it and a few folk have kot handed their keys back. Fuck. Also the desks are going to be 2 weeks late.

ATD is going to take my out on sat. Looking forward to it. Might go roller discoing with my eldest.

Can’t wait to sit down with a short video-game once the kids fall asleep

Loads of things but the main event is it’s my beloved aunt’s birthday


Had a great evening with my NTD after work. Morito was excellent. Do enjoy good tapas. We’re definitely planning another visit.

Thanks @aboynamedgoo for the recommendation

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Oh it didn’t post

Friend gave me a really cool unique present also, super pleased and honoured by it