Thursday evening

Alright chaps

Today has felt like a Friday. I can already feel tomorrow morning’s disappointment

Pie & chips for dinner from two of Baker Streets finest establishments

Once I’m done I might go and chill in the garden for a bit. It feels rude to be inside when it’s so nice out


Nice night so gonna go for a walk. Think I’ll pick up something for dinner while I’m out.

Bon soir

Ordered a large mixed meat and chips with a battered sausage and I don’t think it’s gonna touch the sides.

Had a bowl of porridge at 6am, spent 3 hours on the bike and apart from an ice cream and a can of coke, I’ve eaten nothing.

Coupla beers for afterwards. Watch TV, etc, etc.


What’s mixed meat? Like a mix of donner?

Donner and chicken

Been in bed having a rest since getting back from the hospital earlier :sleeping:

Are you flooded with superhuman powers yet? Failing that, hope you’re feeling a bit better and enjoying not being in hospital…

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No super strength yet but surely it’s only a matter of time before I can superhumanly walk to the shops without getting out of breath




would fucking smash tbf.


Very English looking pie, that.


From a proper old school pie shop, that years ago would have served the market workers, so has opening hours of 7-2 or something like that. The pastry on the pies is out of this world delicious

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Hiya, am about to eat some nice meatball pasta :spaghetti:

Misty seems to be a bit quiet but ok. She just went tearing up the garden so that’s a very good sign!

Today has been SO lazy. Good therapy session though, god knows I bloody needed it.


Fucking exhausted lads, and absolutely sick of moaning about it. BFD though so that’s nice.

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Hello! On the train home for the weekend. Yawn. M&S sandwich for dinner.

Might do some work to pass the time :person_shrugging:

Evening all!

I’ve pretty much stopped working for the week so had a long afternoon of computer games with occasional email checks. I still need to go in tomorrow but I stopped doing anything of value this morning. I’ll regret it eventually but that hasn’t stopped me doing similar things in the last four years or so…

Wor Lass is out helping to run a BAME event for South Asian NHS workers so I made a huge pot of bean chilli and fed The Child nachos.

  • Stop for a pint
  • Don’t do it
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What on earth would you be achieving by not doing this?

Evening all :wave:

Long day. Looooooooong day. But it’s over and I’m off next week.

Might have a pint* of Salcombe’s finest in a bit.



Sometimes I need the assurance that comes with the backing of the boards.

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Had great tapas. Off to see this

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