Thursday evening

Time for the evening thread


Just had to check it is actually Thursday

Finished work at 4:30. Been mooching about town having a few pints, a rarity. On bus. Might head home or get another beer……

I had the day off, took the kids to a National Trust watched Cat In The Hat, and have been out for a buffalo chicken pizza. Not a bad day, all told.

Going to drink decaf tea and watch the new Star Wars thingy on Disnae+. Also continue to introduce the kids to Taskmaster via the bleeped version of the Mike Wozniak series. Very funny on a rewatch, i have to say.

Edit also not 100% why this is a reply to you @Im_On_Safari . Consider it your regular direct update on my Thursday business.


Look at this long jump just now



At work til half midnight again. Treating myself to a McDo for dinner.

Evening all :wave:

Not an awful lot planned. Started rewatching Flight Of the Conchords before going away and am going to continue that. It’s not aged amazingly but there are some good songs/one-liners.

Also managed to collect the eldest’s phone earlier. A friend of ours (by coincidence) was in Sheffield yesterday so was able to collect it from lost property and bring it back with her. In celebration, the eldest has sent over 60 pictures to the CCB family WhatsApp group, mainly of trains.


Evenall. Went to the mainland, got my bike, did a big long ride, got the ferry home. having some beers for the first time since weekend, got a curry on the go, listening to The Head On The Door, will eventually play some TOTK if I don’t fall asleep on the sofa first

La Rochelle’s alright, I guess

The heatwave is finally abating too - it was about 35 degrees when we arrived here and our Airbnb doesn’t have air con :grimacing: Down to a holiday-tastic mid twenties now


Went for a walk. Got a sausage roll and having a pint now. Might have another. This week has felt really long.

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Just looking at the cows in the fields and listening to Smog.

Made a start on the cocktail lounge tonight


Quite enjoying this ice pack stuff. Might incorporate it into my usual relaxation routine.

How did it go? Something about the smell from speaking with others that have been through it.

Had a mask on, so no smells fortunately, just some agonising chat.

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Saw a cool book talk, off to see some sort of immersive Seance thing, then friends for beer and comedy later on. Maybe more beer after? Maybe a late night show? Who knows

In our air bnb in london and about tk honour for dinner
Nice wee bar set up :grinning:


Head for

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Took me an hour and 20 to get home. Got in, finished the kids dinnertime, gave them baths, out my son to bed then cooked dinner. Will finally get to sit down with a beer after I’ve got some from the shop.

Off tomorrow so that’s nice. 4 day weekend.

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And no east london air bnb is complete without there Virgin Mary stop the fridge