Thursday eveningthrea d

The journey I’ve been on in the last 2 minutes for this evening thread! Oh the sights.

So I go and type “evening” into google and I’m presented with lots of tacky evening shots with stars, sunsets and butterflies, men with guitars playing on beaches in far off lands… and amongst it all there’s an owl made entirely of pineapples! Genius. So I start looking up “owls made entirely of fruit” and that’s where I found this wee guy -

There were much better owls, but I liked this one.

Evening everyone.


that’s the best picture I’ll see today!

I’m off to tennis shortly, it looks like a lovely evening for it :slight_smile:

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evening witches

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Evening @Witches, @japes @ttf @Bamnan As detailed in the Thursday thread, I’m currently drinking a beer in a deck chair.


Rough day, man. Gonna pick up 4 beers and maybe drink 1.5 of them before falling asleep.

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Feeling pretty weird today. Feels like everyone wants a piece of me but I have no time for myself. Really want to fuck off for a few days with no phone and no Internet and ignore everything.

My day hasn’t been too bad, but it’s definitely been very slllooooowwwww :sleeping: Currently listening to def leppard and watching the bf make me a coffee :relieved:. I’ve been asked to let a neighbours airbnb guest in, and of course I said yes in a happy fashion but I’m secretly grumbling about it, because I am slowly turning into a grumpy old woman.

Seems odd. I’d ask for a share of the cash.

Really need to go to Aldi or somewhere, totally out of food. Really cbf tho

It’s so fucking windy.

Got a beer and a cider, Lightnin Hopkins, and a casual sense of hopelessness.


They asked because their guests were 4 hours late and they needed to go out :persevere: still, these things happen… but anyway, as I said, grumpy old woman :older_woman:

Dont feel bad at all. I’d have told em it’s their problem tbh.

Got a sewage beer and some fags. Might try and get through the new season of house of cards but it’s so boring now.

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Just ate a bag of haribo.

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Been out for dinner in Grasmere. Had ok beef rib and good beers.

Going to eat Kendal mint cake and read my book now.


Getting the ol’ dinner for one in a hotel near Luton airport tonight.

Living the life mates.

Alright who the fuck said this stuff is meant to be like tablet? I will PHYSICALLY FIGHT whoever did, because that’s an insult to tablet. Nothing to do with my bloodstream being 98% glucose at the moment.

Did you get some gingerbread? If you didn’t tis a big mistake

i could go some mint cake tbh. any chance you can bring me some?

I did and it wasn’t a patch on iced gingerbread from Greggs.