Thursday Eveningtime

Alright? Really fucking tired lads ngl, plus there’s a big fire on the cliffs near here and everything for miles around smells like smoke so we’ve got the windows shut and it’s warm as heck. Gonna have a tea consisting of various sides (chips, garlic bread, halloumi, some chicken & 'nduja epamanda things etc) and try and get an early night I think.



Hey funky,

I ended up working on my day off, but I’ll claim the day back so it’s ok.

I’m going to make chicken orzo with spring greens for dinner which will be very yummy.

No other plans. Maybe watch a film. I watched Sea Beast last night, which was cute.


En route to … pints!


Gonna put a hair mask on, and a face mask, can I put a mask anywhere else I wonder :thinking:

Need to tidy the flat for the catsitter :innocent: Then packing my bag for the weekend and going to bed at a reasonable hour (this won’t happen as tidying takes 3 hours no matter that I did it yesterday already)

Was going to have noodles for dinner but want to use my new dinner plate so will have to plan something non bowl based.


I got the job I went for! Had become increasingly convinced I hadn’t the longer i waited, but the email came through this afternoon :+1::+1::+1:


Congratuwelldone! :partying_face:

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Have you seen Panique Au Village

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I have! It’s great (and bizarre!).

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One of my mums go to comfort films

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Been dying for a shit all day so I’m mighty relieved that I’m home now.

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Good choice by your mum! I first saw it a few years ago quite late at night and began thinking ‘what is this?’ and then quickly just loved it and got absorbed into it.

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Still can’t believe it came from a milk advert

Or at least, they are linked bizarrely

Hello my name is Dr Greenthumb, owing to the fact I’ve just made salsa verde for some enchiladas, and in doing so, I got salsa on my thumb.


I used to buy my wife various Sephora things when i travelled overseas - they do hand masks, foot ones and lip ones. Always well received as gifts.

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Got some Gorgonzola and walnut ravioli for tea but not sure which sauce

  • Tomato based
  • Herby cream cheese based (with peas)

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Had a fucking beaut of a day. Ilfracombe in the morning, the steam train in the afternoon. See insta stories for more pics

Pizza, chips, beans and leftover bbq stuff for tea. Then start the arduous process of packing up. Beach for a bit tomorrow after checking out


misread this as ‘Toronto based’ because I’m sleep deprived for like a good, not even joking, 10 seconds and was like fucking Toronto based gorgonzola, wtf is the world coming to.

  • Make pasta
  • Get a takeaway

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Tell you what I can’t get enough of at the moment my babes, BBC classic “Who Do You Think You Are?”.

Just really good telly innit.

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