Thursday evo


some snarky snark’ll complain that its not six yet. they can kiss a candy ass.

any plans? i’m gonna go for a drink I can’t afford at an overpriced cocktail bar with some atds and then go home and eat a lasagne.


Had a fuck of a day so am in the pub with the dog and a pint. Dog just came face-to-face with a cat and she didn’t kill it. This is a relief.



gonna go home and eat some burgers (linda mc, shout out to my veggie burger homies) and then watch a film (“The Love Witch”) and probably go to bed about 10 or so.

spoke too soon, gotta stay late for something :rage:



sounds like a scary film, man.


honey wouldn’t have it in her, surely?!



No plans.


Hah. She denies their right to exist. She is hard as fuck.


Evenin’ all. Home for some food and then out to see my mates’ band support Pins.

Got a serious weekend feeling though, really want to go out and get out of my face as I haven’t done that in months.


On a train back from the north, accidentally booked my ticket an hour later than my work associates, may have been subconsciously to avoid having to sit with them


Hiya :wave:


Hey @profk

Just had my post football shower. Played with a different lot and the game is much slower so scored and set up tons of goals.

Gonna have left over stir fry and do a bit more work. Then catch up on blue planet or the deuce or the apprentice.


How you keeping? :slight_smile:


Oh! Not too bad thank you :blush: How are you?

Currently attempting to tidy a bit but I can’t do any longer than 5 minutes at a time before I get distracted and/or bored :grimacing:

EDIT: I am also very hungry. I had a kitkat earlier and thought of you!


Planning on watching Spirited Away in memoriam of my fallen cat Chihiro


Cooking fish, chips and beans then driving to Stoke. Wooooooooo


Good to hear :slight_smile:

I always hate tidying, then do it… takes about 10 minutes and I wonder why I put it off for so long :thinking:
Luckily my place is tidy at the minute

I’ve still got a load of kit kats left :heart_eyes: may treat myself to a crème brulé one later (put them under the grill and everything :heart: ) gonna be so sad when my supply is gone. May go back to Japan just to get some more :sweat_smile:

I’m really very good thank you :smile:


Pasta and pesto for tea. Can never decide if I like it or whether it’s a misery tea.

I’m done for the week and going to the USA on Saturday, yay.

Feeling kinda down and I’m not sure why, considering everything I should be in a great mood.


You put them under the grill? Really?? SHOW ME :open_mouth:

Aw glad to hear you’re very good! I am most pleased to hear this. Don’t suppose you fancy helping me tidy?


:crying_cat_face: sorry to hear that pal.


I didn’t even know at first… then scout read the packet :exploding_head: :open_mouth: