Thursday evo

some snarky snark’ll complain that its not six yet. they can kiss a candy ass.

any plans? i’m gonna go for a drink I can’t afford at an overpriced cocktail bar with some atds and then go home and eat a lasagne.

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Had a fuck of a day so am in the pub with the dog and a pint. Dog just came face-to-face with a cat and she didn’t kill it. This is a relief.

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gonna go home and eat some burgers (linda mc, shout out to my veggie burger homies) and then watch a film (“The Love Witch”) and probably go to bed about 10 or so.

spoke too soon, gotta stay late for something :rage:


sounds like a scary film, man.

honey wouldn’t have it in her, surely?!


No plans.


Hah. She denies their right to exist. She is hard as fuck.

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Evenin’ all. Home for some food and then out to see my mates’ band support Pins.

Got a serious weekend feeling though, really want to go out and get out of my face as I haven’t done that in months.


Hiya :wave:

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Hey @profk

Just had my post football shower. Played with a different lot and the game is much slower so scored and set up tons of goals.

Gonna have left over stir fry and do a bit more work. Then catch up on blue planet or the deuce or the apprentice.

How you keeping? :slight_smile:

Oh! Not too bad thank you :blush: How are you?

Currently attempting to tidy a bit but I can’t do any longer than 5 minutes at a time before I get distracted and/or bored :grimacing:

EDIT: I am also very hungry. I had a kitkat earlier and thought of you!

Planning on watching Spirited Away in memoriam of my fallen cat Chihiro


Cooking fish, chips and beans then driving to Stoke. Wooooooooo

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Good to hear :slight_smile:

I always hate tidying, then do it… takes about 10 minutes and I wonder why I put it off for so long :thinking:
Luckily my place is tidy at the minute

I’ve still got a load of kit kats left :heart_eyes: may treat myself to a crème brulé one later (put them under the grill and everything :heart: ) gonna be so sad when my supply is gone. May go back to Japan just to get some more :sweat_smile:

I’m really very good thank you :smile:

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You put them under the grill? Really?? SHOW ME :open_mouth:

Aw glad to hear you’re very good! I am most pleased to hear this. Don’t suppose you fancy helping me tidy?

:crying_cat_face: sorry to hear that pal.

I didn’t even know at first… then scout read the packet :exploding_head: :open_mouth:


What the fudge!? This is lunacy. It must be amazing.

Evening Daniel

Think I might find a film to watch…other half is at an awards dinner and needs a lift when it’s done, but I’ve not been given much indication what kind of time that’ll be (so probably late).