Thursday Filth (New DiS Enlightened Sex Talk) Camping Version


Regale us with your tales of romance under canvas and in caravans.

No underage stories or caveman antics (unless you are actually a caveman).



gave and received my first handy in a tent!


Is that second photo from a particular film?

(asking for a friend)


on your own or with someone else?


Gave AND recieved.

Sounds like a solo job.


No it’s from here. My inspiration for this fab thread.


I was with a very lucky young lady


Festivals. A couple of times.

Never when camping though, but that’s probably because I don’t go camping and haven’t been since I was in school.

One time in a caravan, but it was in the girl’s driveway and we snuck in there for privacy so not sure it counts.


It’s the cover for the 1978 Sandra Scoppettone novel ‘Happy Endings Are All Alike’


Had a wank in a portacabin on my own, does that count?


jots down


What about general great outdoors? Had some great romps on walks.

Dinton Pastures especially has been common venue. Also the top of Mount Ranier in Washington, which was pretty fucking majestic.


Mount Randier more like!


Was more than one ‘Mount’ that day, I can tell you!



The Outdoor Sex Thread is a separate thread entirely.

Keep to the camping theme, shitehawk.


Well then I guess I’m spent. Good luck with your filth thread.


Defeated in a filth thread. This isn’t pleasant to watch.


Oh I’m not defeated by any means, but camping is not my bag. Outdoors is much better anyway.