Thursday filth: rude typos


I once attended a carol service where there was a typo in the words to While Shepherds Watched:

Thus spake the seraph, and forthwith
Appeared a shining thong

Anyone else got any memorable rude typos?


Missed off the ‘g’ in my name when signing off an email that went to 40 or so people a few weeks back


Apass? Idgi


was tempted to put a warning on that reply but thought it would be too low for anyone to bother.


My name’s Angus btw


Mr Cungt


My first job in a little accountants office required me to proof read accounts before they were sent to clients. This was in the days they were created on a typewriter. The old girl who typed them would often use the misspelling ACOCUNTS


“Devoted sister, beloved cunt”?! That’s what you put in the paper?!


Mate, they call me Mr Limbo round here


General Erection


Someone in my office claimed they emailed a sexual health and drugs charity saying ‘come bucket me, Rob’, rather than ‘come back to me, Rob’. Unsure if I believe them.


constantly typing


instead of accounting


'Kind retards’
Easy mistake to make


have done this at my work a few times with a guy who also has the same name as you.

such top banta.


In my job before last we had a CRM system with no edit function (other than through middle management). Colleague of mine managed to note that he’d received a call from Lincolnshire Cunty Council.


Think I’ve always caught it before hitting send, one will slip through the net at some point though


Cunty instead of County on emails, spreadsheets, whatever.


UTI :grimacing:


:smiley: :smiley:


Morning shitley!