Thursday filth: rude typos

I am serious, and don’t call me Shitley

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Was discussing a cuckoo clock with my boss and wrote cockoo by accident.


Re: OP

You can have fun in church by substituting the word ‘thighs’ for ‘eyes’.

‘Open our eyes, Lord, we want to see Jesus.’

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Often write

‘Pubic Performance Measure’ and ‘Kind retards’ in emails. Haven’t sent them yet, fortunately.

cockoo cock

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I send out work emails with the word cock. Not a rude typo. A Dutch colleague.

very harsh on @aboynamedgoo

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My thighs have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!


I wanted to call my wee baba Angus but it was kiboshed as apparently too similar to another family baby’s name (even though said babahad not been born or even, in fact, conceived by this point, but my sister had bagsied the name for her possible eventual son.) Yip #myfam

A partner here sent an email to a client where one sentence began, “The starting prostitution is…” (position).

Typoed a patent publication number in an email to a (quite dour) scientist who I suspect already thought I was a cunt. Was supposed to be a patent about catalysts. The one I sent was about improved vaginal douches.

I really wish I was making this up.


“Can I have an up to date list of students who are registered ASAP so I can form grope for their team projects”

Worked on a new client’s website where the Explore Our Assets section was missing the t.


I would have a great one if I were able to search for “lawyer letter assfisting” at work.

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I once received an email from a PR person who had somehow managed to misspell Dannii Minogue as Dannii Minge


There was an obituary in our local rag a few years ago with a tribute to a long-serving athletics coach who had passed away. A few days later they had to print an apology which was along the lines of:

In reference to the recent tribute to Frank Andrews, we would like to apologise to his family and friends for a printing error it contained. The article should have described him as ‘a little master’ rather than ‘a little waster’

Still makes me LOL


Highly amused by colleagues staring intently at this graph:

that UX meme on your monitor is so lame.


A report we produce for billing our customers is called a “Line Count”. I have previously sent it to my manager with a typo.

Lime count! Classic

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