Thursday filth thread/bangers crossover


Thread inspired by walking around the office muttering ‘work this pussy, work this pussy, work this pussy, work this pussy’ for the past week or so. Typical filth thread for all your filth needs but do post some filth choons too. Have you made a sex mix before? Have you banged to some weird shit that someone has put on?


Had the sza album recommended to me a lot last year. Popped it on for the first time in a car with my parents. Felt a bit awkward



Don’t like having music on while I’m banging because I can’t help thinking about the bass line, and that messes up my fingering.


Gangsta Boo’s verse in RTJ’s Love Again is a favourite.


Shout out to Peaches obviously.



When my last flatmate moved in i didn’t want them to hear me furiously masterbating so i put some music on. ‘Night Air’ by Jamie Woon came on and it really worked pace-wise, so that became my wanking song. In hindsight i can appreciate that they probably knew i was knocking one out whenever that came on, or even worse that i was just a massive Jamie Woon fan. Not what this thread’s about, okaaay then…



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It’s You Suffer by Napalm Death for me


Nah all content welcome.

A girl that my wife lived with at uni was seeing this fella and you knew they were banging when the theme tune to men behaving badly came in. Very odd.


shouldn’t be allowed “depends” in a poll. everything always depends.


I’m not really a music on whilst having sex person. Seems a bit…planned?

I prefer spontaneous but I will turn the TV off if its on.


this can just be a Cupcakke thread


Christ, I thought if I just put yes/no someone will moan ‘depends’. Can’t win!



Very wise. You don’t want to look at the telly at the wrong time and feel like you’ve just shared a very intimate moment of prolonged eye contact with Frodo Baggins.



Wait, you even voted depends!