Thursday filth thread/bangers crossover

Is it just me who thinks that the last 2 minutes of Thriller would be great to get choked to orrrr

I usually end up turning my TV off too :frowning:

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It’s Rub by Peaches isn’t it? Either that or Duck Duck Goose.


I can’t sleep or train while I’ve got music on, but I can while a podcast is playing. Maybe I could get my bump n’ grind squirty squirty time on while Andy Zaltzmann talks about cricket. I’ll have to try it.

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Once did it whilst Boces by Mercury Rev played (very loudly) in the background. The music was not helpful.


Worst music someone has ever played for you?

Stone Roses :grimacing:

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See above.


Lost my virginity listening to Animal Collective. Wish I was joking.

Which Stone Roses? None of their ouevre really screams ‘let’s bang’ does it.

Greatest hits I think

For all your watersports needs. I stand corrected.

I am the res-erection

Love Spreads

I’m so sorry.


Lost my virginity to the Charlatans :grimacing:

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White Flag by Dido. Quite recently, too.

Second cumming

Sorry, I’ll stop now

‘I will go down with this ship’ eh?


Songs you’ve always imagined would be good to bang to: