Thursday Filth Thread: Beat the Meatles edition


Following recent revelations that the Beatles once sat in a room as horny young men and had a good ol’ wank session together (ruined by that prick John Lennon yelling “Winston Churchill!” to throw them off their strokes), have you ever engaged in any sort of shared masturbatory session? I don’t mean that you physically engaged with another person, but were just… together at the time.

I remember at house parties at school there would inevitably be a point in the evening where someone would stick some porn on, but if you watched it, you had to make jokes about it. Any indication that you were actually getting hot from it would result in ridicule and social death, even if it was really good stuff.





Went to an all-boys boarding school. No further comment.


i found a website years ago for a group in melbourne who all get together for group wanking sessions (the originally-named melbourne wankers)

can’t imagine how badly the post-wank shame cloud would be multiplied if there were loads of you there together, though :grimacing:


£5 Old Blue Last





  • I’m a multiple masturbator
  • I’m a lonely wanker

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Is this thread purely about mutual masturbation with people you’re not sexually attracted to, or an all purpose mutual masturbation thread?



Done it with tv(s) obvs.
Can’t actually envisage a situation where I would want to share a masturbatory experience with someone I didn’t fancy.


Ugh I remember collective porn viewing after a night out. Only happened a couple of times but was utterly grim


Tbh I imagine this is what went down in all those late night DiS tinychats


It’s not about mutual masturbation, it’s about collective masturbation.


i’m assuming this is just wrt to self-gratification, rather than any mutual hand-help that may arise in the course of sex with another person (or people, if that’s your thing)?


Daily occurrence then?


Soggy biscuits all round.




That headline deserves a pulitzer prize


‘Pull-it surprise’


It’s getting a lot of praise. I imagine there was a company all-hands (snigger) of every sub-editor and interested party, sitting in a room together brainstorming the very best Beatles wank puns. Must have been fantastic.