Thursday Filth Thread (special ccb edition)

Items of clothing that are never acceptable to wear during sex.

Such as socks, and hi-viz jackets.

I have to say that ccb could wear anything if he was ravaging me.


You can wear socks during sex


not you specifically @saps I was speaking in general terms, although you personally can too

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Socks on men, surely. Knee high socks on women must be a thing for some people (not me).

Hats! Surely no-one wears a hat during sex? I wonder simply wear a hat?[20840316],c[2],w[400],h[300]&call=url[file:product]

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I’ve remembered why I thought of this: it’s because a friend had a relationship break down because her boyfriend had a really full-on foot fetish and she really didn’t, and their sex life eventually devolved into just him wanking onto her feet while she wore various kinds of socks.

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“a friend”

You’re too much, epster!

I feel a poll/pole coming on.

OBVIOUSLY wearing just socks is unacceptable, but if you’ve still got your trousers on there’s no point whipping your socks off now is there


Oh, yep, I’d agree with that.

I have friends.

That’s Kit, Hayley and Leela.

Those feet are ok, but each to their own.


This photo makes me uncomfortable.

Trousers too tight?

Get a looser fit, man. You’re no spring chicken.


A scarf. It would just be weird.


Not on me. And not around the neck, either.

Could make good use of a silk scarf, obviously a wooly one has no place in the boning arena

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I made do with what I had to hand. Who am I, Mick Jagger?