Thursday filth thread: terminology edition



  • German six
  • German sex

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Ich liebe dich

  • I love you
  • I love dick

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Leicester City Left-Back Christian Fuchs

  • Fnar
  • Nah

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The ‘Pervo laughing at work’ edition

“I need to get my squirters sorted out”

  • Cars
  • Quim

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“I’d spit roast a capybara”

  • Animal meat :fork_and_knife:
  • Animal meat :astonished::no_entry_sign:

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Paul dickov

  • Top player
  • Fnarr

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well, if that is the case, she’s going out at completely the wrong time of day and missing all the fun. poor wendy :frowning:

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here’s a no nut november inspired question that has nothing to do with terminology. what’s the longest you think you’ve ever gone without an orgasm? (not just sex)

  • one day
  • one week
  • one fortnight
  • one month
  • three months
  • six months
  • longer

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anonymous because i’m genuinely curious

obviously meaning the longest time since having your first one, smart arse.

Thread for places where if the next reply was the reply to the last one then it's amusing (rolling)

(teh second one happened yesterday courtesy of managing director. Chaos in the office as I laughed uncontrollably and he then joined in while my boss was wide eyed and shocked by the implication)

Thread for places where if the next reply was the reply to the last one then it's amusing (rolling)

That’s an interesting point though, at what point do you cross the line and are officially dogging?


oh aye


Hmm, I’m really not sure. Is it a distance thing??
Do other people need to be there or would having a wank in a Volvo count??


I’ve abandoned a number of replies to this


I inadvertently ended up in a dogging spot way back in the day - told the tale on old DiS which fortunately is still google-able…




Any excuse

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  • Lol orgasms
  • Nah

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“Double fisting today, are you?”

  • Why yes I am holding a drink in each hand, thank you for noticing
  • Yes I am planning on calling a willing partner “Sooty and Sweep” later today, how did you know?
  • wot

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Deep Throat

  • Watergate
  • cwbaft

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  • Lacking vigour or effectiveness
  • cant get it up lol

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I am actually laughing at this in the office.