Thursday filth thread: terminology edition


oh aye



Hmm, I’m really not sure. Is it a distance thing??
Do other people need to be there or would having a wank in a Volvo count??


I’ve abandoned a number of replies to this


I inadvertently ended up in a dogging spot way back in the day - told the tale on old DiS which fortunately is still google-able…




Any excuse

  • Lol orgasms
  • Nah

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“Double fisting today, are you?”

  • Why yes I am holding a drink in each hand, thank you for noticing
  • Yes I am planning on calling a willing partner “Sooty and Sweep” later today, how did you know?
  • wot

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Deep Throat

  • Watergate
  • cwbaft

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  • Lacking vigour or effectiveness
  • cant get it up lol

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I am actually laughing at this in the office.


  • Great news that they are getting chance to do business
  • Great news that they are getting chance to do the business

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“, he ejaculated wildly.”

  • He must have been quite agitated
  • He’s going to need to wash the curtains

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“Christ, that nearly finished me off.”

  • I have recently had a near death experience
  • I nearly had to change my pants
  • Those two are not necessarily mutually exclusive

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  • It’s just a shop name image
  • Fnarrr

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what came lol first? the porno or the scandal?


Mother liquor

  • The liquid left behind after a crystallisation
  • How very dare you

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One’s named after the other.


Oh, god - you’re talking about Wendy? Bury-me-in-a-Y-shaped-coffin Wendy? She’s a legend of the daytime dogging scene, m8?