Thursday filth thread: terminology edition


That’s absolutely begging for a carefully inserted hyphen.



  • Innocent birding term
  • Jizz? Birds? Lololololol

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“I’m coming!”

  • God, finally.
  • God, finally.

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Commas would be nice, actually:

Students get first, hand job, experience



  • Penultimate tie to the final
  • fnarrr

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  • ‘Absolutely begging’
  • ‘Carefully inserted’

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Ha ha - Ashdown Forest is where I genuinely walk my dogs.

Not doing myself any favours here am I…


I was an interview today, and prior to the interviewers arriving I snapped a picture of this sign.

“The Swelling of the Wood”

  • Rude
  • Not rude

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I now have a mental image of some guy with a penis so massive that when erect the entire room is literally full of cock like some sort of Modern Toss sketch.

Happy Thursday everyone!


it’s nice to know someone’s thinking about me


Double fisting

  • Just having an alcoholic drink in each hand, no? (I’m Canadian)

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It’s a small room.



@japes you’ve accidentally logged in as @Raanraals again.


“oooh, that hit the spot”

  • They have just had a lovely cup of tea
  • They have just done a successful sex

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I thought you looked familiar :thinking:


This is the absolute fucking bane of my life. Friday afternoon. Doing some Dickens. Fnar. Year ten. “He ejaculated wildly”. Classroom hysterics. Thanks a fucking bunch you victorian cock jockey.


Alright mods shut it down, we’re done here.