Thursday Filth Thread

Where are the weirdest, most inappropriate and gross places you’ve engaged in sexual activities? Both solo and with people.

Solo - bashed one out in a coach toilet(23 hour trip to Salzburg, I was 14, needs must)
With People (person) - Platform of Colchester town station c. 5am

Shoreditch, for all of the above.

I was going to make a similar joke but using Swansea instead. (Though I don’t think I’ve ever had a wank in Swansea)

Swanksea (The K is silent)

And so was the wank


Solo - surreptitiously knocked one out on the upper bunk when in a hostel on a lads holiday (actually done this a couple of times)
Couple - back of the coach on the way to Auschwitz

Cinema (not solo). Think it was Lord of the Rings. I remember there being a long shot of Frodo’s face at an, ahem, vital moment. I’ve felt very close to Elijah Wood ever since.

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No one’s topping that


At least it wasn’t on the way back.




He was very insistent that I wasn’t allowed to use The One Ring.

*his ring.

Fucked it.

Either in the changing rooms of centreparks swimming pool or in my mate’s parent’s dining room

Probably the dining room I guess

He fucked his own ring?

Think we’re getting dangerously close to a Jack Black sketch on the MTV Awards.

Jack Black is hung like a-

I’ll stop now

When my friend was staying in a hostel he was also staying on the top bunk but it was the guy below him who was heard fapping away in the dead of the night. My friend decided in order to make this guy stop, he would take a very loud piss from the top of the bunk straight into the sink located down below. The whole thing for some reason kills me whenever I think about it.

On the way to Auschwitz though? :hushed: wowee!


With someone- centre circle of the pitch at Roots Hall.:soccer: