Thursday filth thread


Tell me your youthful stories of sexual misadventure and discovery, particularly any colourful characters you’ve been involved with. Just really want to read some funny sex themed anecdotes tbh.

My friends have joked that all stories involving my first bf, who I was with in sixth form, end in “And then he just whipped out his wang.” They’re not wrong. He did flop it out quite often in inappropriate locations and scenarios.


did a bit of freelance journoing for Bizarre, back in the day. seen some stuff man.

seen a couple where one of them dressed up as a puppy every evening and pretended to be the other’s pet.

seen a couple people inflate balloons and fill a cupboard with them to have sex in

seen some grim orgies that are worse than the Always Sunny one.


friend of mine is a professional submissive, also, and her stories shock me. she appeared in a recent vice article no less!


stuff of nightmares


basically alternative rubber festish


nsfw obv:


I spent my youth playing football and not speaking to any girls on accounts of how I’m not an enormous fucking nerd obviously.


Just remember to respect people’s privacy and personal boundaries.

Your local angry killjoy


yus. keeping to things that people were happy to make public/already have for this reason