Thursday Filth Thread

I’ve just quit my job to become a webcam sex worker.

The minimal amount of research I’ve done leads me to believe that it should be a doddle to monetise people watching me cavort about in an erotic manner in front of a webcam.

Anyone else tempted to make easy money in this way?

do people actually pay for this though?

I’ve almost bankrupted myself with my addiction. So yes.

Harder than it looks pal, trust.


I’m not touching it to see how hard it is. You keep it to yourself.

but porn is free?

If you’re a scumbag it is.

Also a lot of people like the interaction aspect and the feeling of a show for you - It’s also not for me, but I understand the appeal.

that sounds really creepy.

There are a lot of creeps, but to be honest the power is with the cammer, and at least they’re getting paid etc. It’s not for me either (mainly because I would find it crushingly awkward) but I don’t think it’s inherently any more creepy than anything else if you know what I mean?


It’s the most natural thing in the world.


yeah sex is probably pretty natural

I like describing obviously very unusual things as “the most natural thing in the world”.

You know, like if say @Balonz said “I like laying on a plastic sheet while retired steam engine drivers urinate over me”, well, I’d probably say it then.


He did say that once. I’ll try to find the thread. Or maybe it was a PM?

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Major, I reckon

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I have a feeling it was Brown.

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sure, pal.

David CAMERAon

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I’m raking in a mint from the “technical difficulties” fetishist community, and I don’t have to do jack shit!

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