Thursday filth thread


What’s your most erogenous zone? And what’s the least sexy thing anyone’s ever done to try and arouse you?


The brain.

Being too overt is a bit of a turn off. Always nice to feel like things are earned.



Woah! Hashtags make things #tumescent


Threeway (LOL) tie between scrotum, perineum and bell-end, I reckon. Men are simple creatures.

Think the least arousing thing anyone’s ever tried was licking the back of my neck. There’s maybe sexy potential there, but this was an unexpected big slobbery lick. It was like being spooned by Beethoven (the famous dog).


I’d definitely say it’s more of a mental thing for me to the extent that I wonder if I’m vaguely demisexual. Least sexy thing probably biting my bottom lip.




Hold on, what happens when one # ???



Least sexy thing was having my toes sucked. I didn’t ask for it and I didn’t care for it.


Straight in the Corbyns


How do you get into a situation where your toes are being sucked?
Like surely if you’re into it, you’d ask for it but like if you’re not its just weird.



We were on the sofa, my legs were in her lap. She thought it would be sexy, I guess.


I am unarousable.


Oh it was like the start of it? Not like during and she’s scooting down the bed, skips the peen and goes for the toes?

See also: people sucking on other peoples fingers. Not cute. I’m sure I’ve thought I was being very sexy whilst drunk and done it but my dog it’s gross and cringe


Least sexy thing is probably a tongue in the ear, ew.




Your poor dog :frowning:






That might explain the scissors for cutting pizza thing :wink:



Tried to put his fingers in there at the same time as his dick.