Thursday Filth Thread


What have been your weirdest segues into getting close to someone? Just thinking about the time I was drunkenly extolling the virtues of my favourite episode of Pokemon to a friend of mine who I’ve always fancied a bit, and seemingly that was a bit of an aphrodisiac for him.

:star: obviously please be respectful and discreet when talking about other people :star:


What episode was it?


:grinning: I saw it was you who had replied and knew this was coming.


Better be the Squirtle Squad one


Electric Shock Showdown :heart_eyes: I have major empathy with post-loss Pikachu, which is why he’s my avatar :blush:


What about the one where James is inexplicably a female
what about


You know those wankers who play acoustic guitar at a party? Well anyway, this girl requested that I played a song, and then after I’d played a pretty poor version of it, basically threw herself at me. (I later found out she had a bf and it was all rather awkward and rubbish but hey).

The song?




That’s definitely in my top 5. Actually that reminds me that the first time I saw that episode was in bed (CLOTHED) with an ex in an Edinburgh Travelodge, and at the end of the episode he kissed me~ it was the last time he instigated something sexy for reasons other than pity.

Pokemon is a massive aphrodisiac in my life basically


kin hell


went to one of those mega-sexy dungeon parties, fully out of my element, in jeans and a t-shirt. everyone else was in a multitude of flamboyant accessories and exciting materials. looked unsure, drinking alone coz was waiting for a pal who was helping me write an article about the event.

got hit on repeatedly coz of NOT looking part of that scene, sort of as a curious interloper. was a nice surprise


Someone once hit on me by belching the alphabet. Didn’t work, got massively awkward when I realised what she was trying to do (at about K).


I know. Although things didn’t progress beyond a kiss, there were still many layers of shame to be unpicked the following day.


Thinking back someone once hit on me after I spilt wine all over myself. Thought they were just trying to be helpful but I guess being a cack handed div just exits the other end of the spectrum as ultimate smoothness


“Wouldn’t it be awkward if one of us starting jerking off right now…”

This obviously never happened and I never went to public school.


Early Pet Sounds’ opening track lyrics needed revising


I like this a lot. :+1:


How aroused are you feeling right now, from 0 (puritan fridge) to 10 (like you’ve got a volcano of jizz between your thighs)?



About a 4, 4 and a half.