Thursday Filth Thread

I indirectly got lucky once by using SilkySkillz11’s Note Technique™. I was drinking in a pub with a ladyfriend and was explaining the Note Technique™ to her, and showed her the note I had already written that I was keeping in my wallet ready for the appropriate time to use. When I finished explaining it she began to act all restless and blurted out “can we have sex”, so yeah, thanks Silky.


Was a solid (oi oi) 2, then thought of texting my bf, so now it’s about 3½.

Old Blue Last
£5 / £4 NUS


Think this might have been a bit too subtle for me to notice.


When was the last time you tried a new sex position?

  • This week
  • This month
  • This year
  • Erm, think I got through all three of them years ago

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I once worked in a bookshop - and had a key to said shop, which happened to be located next to a bus stop I frequently used to get back home after a night out.

I would occasionally use the key to pop in to use the loo if the bus was a long time away

One time I did this, and went in with my gf. Somehow we went from going to the loo to sexytime. Then someone else unlocked the shop door - and i realised that the deliveries I assumed always happened early in the mornings could actually take place in the middle of the night

bit awkward

‘votes are public’

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In my first year at uni two unfortunates who both had roommates were caught together, fully nude, in the library. By the terrifying seven foot tall Northern Irish warden.

Surely you’d just unbutton and go for it rather than fully nuding up.


Genuinely think this is up there with ‘probably get one of those ridiculous iced coffee things’ as one of the best first replies to a thread in DiS history. Can’t stop chuckling.


yeah - we resisted stripping off

must be something about all the books

Let’s bypass the icebreakers and go straight to access dinner.

Aaaaaargh, a girl I knew at uni had this happen to her. Except the library was her livingroom and the seven foot tall warden was her parents :scream:

Were you in the
( ••)>⌐■-■
Science friction section?


I’m sorry that happened to you.

Her parents probably should have got better jobs by their age

short stories :kissing_heart:

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:hushed: :unamused:

No no no.

it was the poetry section actually