Thursday filth thread



How about it


too hot


Are you lot all gonna talk about sex properly this week or what?


( . Y . )


What? Rudies?


You askin?


How many fingers dya want inside ya right now

  • None please I’m British
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • Fist
  • Double Fist
  • Other

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Oh, it’s anonymous. One for me please.


Who do you fantasise about when you knock one out?

  • Celebrity
  • Work colleague
  • DiSer
  • A random you see on the bus/train/checkout at Tesco
  • Ex
  • My partner obviously
  • All of the above

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I’m not sure what sort of thing has been covered in all of the filth threads before, so am at a loss as to what topics are yet to be discussed.


Lacking an “other” option


Feel free to comment with your personal preferences


A couple of the girls from Marketing
Girl on the stepper at the gym



at least half a packet


They ain’t called chocolate fingers for nothing


ABDL/DDLG. Watched loads of YouTube’s last night. Hanging out with someone doing a baby voice for ages would really annoy me.


My worst nightmare. Fair fucks to them if they like it and they’re not harming anyone, but fuck me it’s annoying.


am i going to end up on some kind of register if i google this


I really wish people would stop using acronyms I don’t know. In the future please check with me first before posting.