Thursday Filth Thread

Jesus, my piles were driving me nuts yesterday evening.

:poop: :poop: :poop:


Tombstone Piledriver RIP in pieces @saps

Thanks Jezza.

I’m new to this indignity. Not entirely sure I’m all that delighted with it.

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Been listening to loads of My Dad Wrote A Porno while off sick yesterday and today. Good comedy filth

There are points in that when I think, there’s no way this guy’s dad wrote this. It’s just too weird and stupid.

Still funny though.

I don’t believe it either. Just seems like a good invention and a way to sell a book you’ve written yourself.

Is it really funny? I listened to the first one and wasn’t inspired to continue does it get progressively funnier?

I think the fact Rocky said in the q&a that his literary inspiration was essentially being drunk explains some of the more mental writing. Baffling what he thinks is sexy though

I’ve found it’s up and down. Sometimes it just gets very samey. But it’s a good backup podcast when I’ve run out of my faves.

Cool, I might give it another go. Ta.