Thursday Filth - What's the longest you've gone


without doing any laundry?




16 years
I’m aware I’m a slob


what like without washing anything? i suppose there’s the odd holiday i’ve been away for a week and a bit and i won’t bother coz i’ll have packed enough. but even on a two week holiday i’ll prob find somewhere to wash my clothes


contact sports have ruined this for me, I probably managed about 10 days on holiday though.


not sure


get back to me


I’ve never done any laundry guys


The ultimate question is …

how long do people leave their jeans before washing them?





My brother stayed with us three weeks ago and I’ve yet to take the sheets off the bed and wash them. Does that help?


two weeks or so?



at 10 to 5?? come on


Any time you have free


Until I get a visible stain on them.




Dunno about laundry but it’s been 10 months since I last received oral and I’m dying for a good licking.

(why would you waste a filth thread on actual dirt. ffs guys.)


Probably a week.


my mate didn’t wash his sheets during the entire year I lived with him - a fact which he was quite proud of.