Thursday filth: wild and free

Stayed at my parents’ last night after the football, and doing so again tonight. Totally forgot to bring a bra. (Yesterday’s dress was thick enough that I would get away with it.) My old bras don’t fit so I’ve had to go tit commando.

As I have no tit tape, I had to put a bit of sellotape over each nip and wear my blazer to cover them as a back up. Think one of my colleagues has sussed out my droopy norks anyway though. Gonna buy a sale bra from m&s on my lunch break.

Ever had a mishap involving body parts popping out, going wild and free, or suchlike?

Just tell me about times you’ve embarrassed yourselves sexually to make me feel better anyway.

Woke up after a one night stand at uni with no money and all but one of the buttons on my shirt ripped/fallen off. Realised I had a 45 minute walk back to my halls but there was a fence I could hop to cut it to a half hour. ripped my jeans open at the gusset on the way over, obviously


I like to test new tops and dresses by wearing them without a bra and pretending i’m at a club and my favourite song has just come on so I dance wildly with my hands in the air to see if a boob pops out

I’ve never not worn a bra out of the house cause my boobs are very heavy.


I can’t imagine ever going bra-less and mine are nothing compared to yours so you have my deepest sympathy.

My knob and balls always come free if I accidentally wear one of my different brands of pants whilst running or playing sport.

This thread is getting TOO sexy.



I noticed that when I wear my BEST cycling bib shorts for a bit - pubes start to stick through the fabric at the front. (one for the ladies there)

it’s gross.

Back when I was a badminton-playing 14 year old, I had a mishap.

The early 90s were the days of short sports shorts and I was resting between games at a tournament or club night or something with some friends, sitting cross-legged on the floor. A few minutes into our group chat, my friend Christian leaned across and whispered into my ear, “Chris, your bollocks are hanging out.” I looked down and, sure enough, I was Scholesying, almost certainly in full view of everyone including at least one girl.

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Ive never understood the bollocks hanging out thing, surely you’d feel the breeze?

Not related to the OP but it IS filth and it is to do with my Thursday… last night I couldn’t sleep because the people who live ACROSS THE ROAD were going at it so hard. It was kinda hot but mostly I just wanted to sleep.

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They’re already pretty chilly at the best of times tbf.

Is this where I bring up Theo accusing me of having a shit smeared arse so that I shouldn’t go commando in my culottes?


Keep them in a bucket of ice?

Depends how filthy thursday has been. Bowl of rice normally.

Always feel conflicted when I get kept up by a marathon shagging session somewhere cause its very awkward and annoying but also fair play to them like.

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Marathon Sagging Session is going to have me chuckling for the rest of the day.

I agree, gotta hand it to them. They sounded like they were having a really lovely time, good on em.



  • Marathon sagging session

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We’re staying in a hotel for the next few nights which basically means guaranteed sagging all over the shop.


Not in public. But I’ll often be sat on the sofa in my pants and a bit of ball or knob will escape and the first I’ll know about it is when my wife walks in and is all


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