Thursday Filth(y) Lunch Thread


Alright pals, what are you having?

I’m at home so my mum hand delivered me a roll with bacon, potato scone and fried egg, followed up by a dark chocolate tunnnocks tea cake. I dribbled the egg yolk all down my dress.

Now you.


Bagel: chorizo (1)
Bagel: prosciutto (1)
Tea: mug of (1)


Nailed my sandwich. Thinking about second lunch.


Cheese toasty I put chili sauce in. Cheese and chili together eva


I am incredibly hungry but not sure what to get.


Don’t know yet. Maybe big salad.


I made burritos using some vegan mince I found at the back of the freezer, some beans and homemade salsa and have added some lettuce and asda vegan cheese which is actually very tasty. Some no salt crisps and a half eaten rice cake and gave juice. This is my only meal for today so I can’t wait to eat it :ok_woman:t5:
Also I brought my fav plate from home to make it nicer lol


Why don’t you make a poll and then ignore it?


I had some leftover stew and dumplings, and dribbled gravy down my shirt.

I followed this by getting a classic Wispa, a Fudge and a cup of tea from the canteen.


I had some soup partially while listening to an interview with Steve Reich


Gunna get a haircut then hit tezz on the way home


Cheese, ham and tomato toastie, Portuguese custard tart and a tin of coke



Top lunch :+1:




What’s that?


Working in a different facility this week which is 15 mins walk from my house… so did the half hour return trip for some fresh air.

Just nailed a tuna mayon sandwich, pack of salt n vinegar chipsticks and a tunnocks caramel on my return healthy


Got some leftover meatloaf. No bread to make a sandwich so I’m having it with a bowl of soup. Bit weird, I know.


Bit dribbly there. Too much toothpaste?


Can’t wait. In a Portuguese cafe in Southsea, sat in a sun trap. This is good