Thursday Filth(y) Lunch Thread

Alright pals, what are you having?

I’m at home so my mum hand delivered me a roll with bacon, potato scone and fried egg, followed up by a dark chocolate tunnnocks tea cake. I dribbled the egg yolk all down my dress.

Now you.

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Bagel: chorizo (1)
Bagel: prosciutto (1)
Tea: mug of (1)

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Nailed my sandwich. Thinking about second lunch.

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Cheese toasty I put chili sauce in. Cheese and chili together eva


I am incredibly hungry but not sure what to get.

Don’t know yet. Maybe big salad.

Why don’t you make a poll and then ignore it?


I had some leftover stew and dumplings, and dribbled gravy down my shirt.

I followed this by getting a classic Wispa, a Fudge and a cup of tea from the canteen.

I had some soup partially while listening to an interview with Steve Reich

Gunna get a haircut then hit tezz on the way home

Cheese, ham and tomato toastie, Portuguese custard tart and a tin of coke


Top lunch :+1:



What’s that?

Working in a different facility this week which is 15 mins walk from my house… so did the half hour return trip for some fresh air.

Just nailed a tuna mayon sandwich, pack of salt n vinegar chipsticks and a tunnocks caramel on my return healthy

Got some leftover meatloaf. No bread to make a sandwich so I’m having it with a bowl of soup. Bit weird, I know.

Bit dribbly there. Too much toothpaste?

Can’t wait. In a Portuguese cafe in Southsea, sat in a sun trap. This is good

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Cajun chicken breast, mixed veg, courgettes in tomato sauce.

The new caterers have stopped showing off and it’s now exactly how it was three weeks ago.