Thursday Filth

What’s the longest you’ve gone without a proper wash?

Probably when I did Kilimanjaro, a week of trekking and sleeping in tents with just a small bowl of warm water in the morning to splash on face and pits. Proper minging but it was the same for everyone so we were all as gross as everyone else. It was bloody luxury to get a proper shower back in the hotel at the end of the week though!

I assume you mean under my bellend?

I went to reading festival one time and didn’t like the lack of washing so never went to another camping festival again.


I think I went for two months without a shower once.

Glastonbury 2007, went a whole week, it was a wet one too.

And on the last night during the Chemical Brothers me and my mate both desperately needed a piss. It was lashing it down, and we both decided the best course of action was to piss ourselves, cos we were soaked through anyway. We were drunk, tbf. Very drunk. Didn’t want to miss any of the Chems.

Anyway, the next day we stank of a combination of going a week without washing, Glastonbury, and stale piss.

You’d think this would be my lowest ebb but it doesn’t even come close.


14 days at sea, you have to be sparing with what they call ‘sweet’ water. I didn’t think I smelt to bad put the clothes I had worn in a bag. When I reached land the first thing I did was have a 30min shower and then after I smelt the bag with the clothes in and nearly threw up.

probably a couple of days. only time I went to a camping festival, it was near the beach, so just had a shower there.

Probably Glastonbury too (Wednesday morning - Monday night). Grim.

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^this, many times