Thursday Filth


Y’know when people say “I’m a bum man” or “I’m a boobs man”

I always think that’s kind of a weird binary.

So, DiS, what kind of a man or woman are you? Neck woman? Thumb man? All are welcome here except those into feet of course.



(sorry, really hate “it me” don’t know why I said that)


I’m a vagina man, maaaaaaan.


shoulders, man. I am a shoulders man, man


I’m not an arse man. I’m an arse, man


( . )( . )

Although my preferences in that regard are (somewhat ironically) much broader than they used to be.

Not that fussed by bums. Totally unfussed by legs and feet. Oddly allured by nice upper arms and collar bone areas.


you mean you used to love big boobs but now you love all chests equally?


I wouldn’t say equally, really, but yeah.


no he loves broad boobs.


probably just means you’re turning into a lecherous old man I guess.


this is offensive on a number of levels and I would like it redacted


Was always going to happen, tbhtbf.


*broads’ boobs


Nothing odd about the upper arms/collarbone thing.



( . )( . )




^ cock in disproportionately-muscly upper arm


big fan of the ankle, too.