Thursday filthh

Train beers are actually secretly shit


Massively tempting to alter the title so this is the morning thread and make you lose the game of chicken we’re all playing here.

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I remember when I used to think TV Tropes was pretty cool. Now they just seem to have a page for pretty much specific thing that’s happened more than once and name it a trope, e.g.

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feel like i could cry. just bought new glasses after accidentally leaving the other ones in manchester.

just crossed a quiet road to get to work and they fall out my pocket except a car is coming before i notice to run back. of course then it gets busy and about 3 or 4 cars go over my glasses. dont get paid til next Wednesday thanks universe.

so angry i think im going to burst into tears


I think like many “ooh a bit naughty” drinking scenarios they start off good then you have to sober up and make a connection or whatever.

Or I’m getting old. Probably that.

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Is this the Thursday thread or the filth thread? Theo this is what happens when you occasionally become sentient.

Oh shit mate! :frowning:

Did you buy them via credit card at all? If so you could ring and see if there’s any kind of insurance. Fuck fuck fuck, though.

Recall losing my glasses after a week on former diser Joeymahone’s stag do when we drunkenly crashed the boat. They went into the river and sank.

Oh no, that’s annoying.

Once I was walking home in a gale and was hit by a really strong gust of wind which blew my glasses off and straight under the wheels of a passing taxi.

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Mate, I have nothing to do with the title change, I was just making an joke post. BS changed it himself.

Ah ok then consider yourself apologised to.

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Ban request for all train beer haterz.

Like them that much that sometimes I park up at the train station in a morning have beers on the train home and have to pay for a taxi home and to the train station the next morning as well as 12hrs extra parking


I changed it to Thursday and tilty added the filthh


I suppose it’s inevitable they’ll run out of new ideas after a while. The film industry needs to come up with new tropes.

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I like them in theory but last few times I’ve had them I’ve usually had a coffee prior to the journey so the beers just kill my buzz. Then I arrive at the destination totally flat and sleepy.

Ah there you go @Funkhouser, take it up with your ex-DiS wife @tilty

Isn’t changing other people’s thread titles why everyone lost their privileges in the great ticking off of 2017?


Now there are Thursday threads popping up all over the fucking show.

Am I in trouble

Yes, very yes