Thursday filthh

probably the worst kind of trouble, the ticking off kind!

I imagine there’ll be some tutting


Oh mate :slightly_frowning_face: I know that feeling!

Once I had a really bad day at school, got home and threw my glasses on the bed before throwing myself dramatically on to the bed for a good old cry… straight onto my glasses, snapping the frames :cry:

My point is… this is really annoying and frustrating now but in the future it will be a vaguely amusing story…
In the meantime, don’t beat yourself up about it! It could happen to anyone.
Hugs xa

I just don’t want everyone to be banned from the lounge again. it’s so off the hizzle in there these days.

That’s true, it’s all the nudity that I find most surprising

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I mean, it’s a lounge. Why wear clothes? well so long as you bring a cloth to wipe the leather sofas down afterwards.

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Can’t wait to get to work, get focused on something then ten minutes later my boss get in, his dog start jumping on me because he hasn’t taken it out in the morning, and THEN ME FUCKING TAKING IT OUT TO HAVE A SHIT LIKE I’M A FUCKING DOG WALKER!?

Is it a cute dog though?
Pics plz

Oh m8 I’m sorry! Drop a message to the hardship fund if you need some help!

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Sorry forgot this is the filth thread:
Drop a message to the really sexy hardship fund if you need some help.


This is an unacceptable thread title. I was very excited to see that there were 29 filthy messages posted before 9am but the actual content within has really ruined my wank.


There are THREE Thursday threads and I am so confused. Going to cry @moderators and hope it helps… someone declare an official Thursday thread?


Ma0am’s is the one to go for I think.

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My one is a daily thread. I REPEAT!

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So Where’s the Filth

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According to you, this is the filth?

As far as I can tell, this is filth, Ma0sm’s is daily, Wiggy’s is sadly dead in the water.

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I’m too ill for all this confusion!

I accidentally burned my willy yesterday washing it in the sink after some “morning me time”. I had sleepily neglected to pay attention to how hot the water was. The pain was ridiculous. Then had to run cold water on it for like five minutes just to get it to stop hurting. Don’t think I’ll be touching it again for quite a few days.


I like that you felt the need to specify “accidentally”.

Also, thoughts and prayers.