Thursday flying start

Morning :sun_with_face:

Woke up by the cat being sick next to my bed, and there’s three kids here with a voice changing loud speaker which is just sublime :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand:t3:


Morning. Had 6 hours sleep in total the last 2 nights so am a bit of a mess today.

:+1:t2:Lorde was amazing last night
:+1:t2:Had a really fucking good time.

:-1:t2: Sending people apology texts to people at 6am because you’re tired stoned and paranoid.

Anyway, works gonna be fucking fantastic today now I’m sure.

Have the equivalent of a full working day to kill before I start work at 3. Might go walkies

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Work. Pharmacy. Supermarket. Home. Pizza. Crime channel. Bedtime.

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Was locked out of my house when I got home from work so had a solo pub trip. Was also woken up by the cat being sick. Today is going to be ‘not fun’

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Drank some red wine cos it was free

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Last night not just now

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Day off today. Gonna eat a burger and hang out with a kid, and will attack some weeds in the garden if the rain holds off.

Cats just fallen asleep on me. Guess i won’t be starting work until 9 then

Was woken up by my bedroom door opening by itself. Possibly a ghost cat coming into my room to vomit, hard to say. Got some good news this morning but got a phone call that i wasnt ready for and didnt do a great job of sounding like i’d not just woken up.

Breakfast and cawfee then, i suppose.



Hi everyone. Slept a lot last night by the clock but feel like I didnt.

Morning all,

Had a solid 8 hours sleep so feel less tired than I did yesterday.

I don’t have anything interesting to say.

It’s Ascension. Two days holiday.

Apparently we have to start packing today even though we don’t move for over three weeks!!?@*!

It’s a bank holiday today in Sweden so I only just woke up from a frankly disturbing sex dream about one of my neighbours

Need a shower

Got loads to do but still have a cold. A real mood killer tbh.

You can’t leave it at that!

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Does your employer know or are you fiddling your time sheets?


Not going to lie m8s, 4 days left in this job, 1 of which is a write off as I can only give my laptop and phone back on Monday, and whilst I’ve done a decent job of keeping motivated fore the last month, I reeeeeeally cba today.

So no one’s rules to bow to then? Don’t have to string anyone along?


This is a good rosin to have you banned imo.