Thursday Football Thread



Neither optimistic or pessimistic about it which is odd but I am excited for it

Quite glad I’m not going to be travelling Saturday. Really not up to watching Ibra/Moo/Captain of Our Hearts ooze their way to a 1-0 victory.

In other news, Loic Remy has broken before ever starting for Crystal Palace.

He’s the football equivalent of a clown car where you lift up the hood and the doors and wheels fall off.

Anyone got somewhere they actually enjoy watching the derby?

Any pub anywhere has United fans frantically applauded inconsequential passes and other annoying stuff, City fans in pubs are usually pretty annoying too. I don’t have Sky Sports and I don’t think I’ve managed to find a stream that lasts 90 minutes so far this season. I’d go for a walk and listen to it but there’ll inevitably be David Pleat or Stuart Pearce on co-commentary.

Can’t imagine watching a football match I’m actually invested in anywhere other than at the stadium it’s taking place in or the comfort of my own home. Watching football in pubs is truly shit.


Better than Danny Mills or Savage, who turn up on our beeb commentaries far, far too often.

this doesn’t answer your question but my streaming experience has improved a lot since I installed Acestream, generally find links to matches on


Lad at my work today seemed to think more people would watch Celtic vs Ranges than Utd vs Celtic… like in all of the UK.

Can’t really see it tbh.

*Utd vs City

I normally just watch the derby on my own.

Think I went and watched it on an outside tv in Chorlton with Deadonthestairs last year and we engaged in absolutely zero bants.


it was nil nil. No fun was had.

Would we all like to see the Wolves programme cover for the Burton game?

I’m glad we’re all agreed these are fantastic


Tried it a couple of times without any success at all but might have to give it another go, thanks.

Where was that? Might try the Bowling Green if I do go somewhere. Hopefully Duffy’s and Morley Cheeks attract most of the banterfans.

I don’t find it so bad. Only becomes grueling if you’re on your own and the pub is in a different city to the team you support… meaning you’re surrounded by people that would prefer you weren’t there.

tbf I/we didn’t even watch the match

(mainly because, as I’ve said before, I’m not interested in football any more)

Anyone want a QUIZ question?

Of course