Thursday Football Thread

City and Celtic play out one of the all time great European games in front of 60,000 baying supporters.

United take on the 13th biggest club in the Ukraine later…

13th biggest seems a bit harsh mate

had a great time at the game last night, very odd being in with the celtic fans although took great joy in jumping out my seat when city scored and winding up the troops around me.
thought celtics front 2 were excellent but basically city shat it, well ap[art from my favourite player ever, sterling.


I wonder what’s caught Renée Zellwegger’s attention on the other side of that poster.


Watching it live i thought Celtic were brilliant and deserved a point at least. Having watched it again i think they were rather lucky. They had three shots on target, which all went in and all involved defensive errors.

Great game, though, and i think City will have learned miles more from it than had they turned up and won comfortably.

Kolo Toure and Sterling were both immense.


must say i was really hoping for more from aguero as im a big fan of his. he’s a solid wee cunt when you see him live

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There were probably three or four reasons why he was quiet last night. As mentioned, Kolo was immense. De Bruyne’s also the main link between midfield and attack now, with Silva playing a bit deeper. Obviously Silva’s more thsn capable, but his thing’s more slow, cute build-up whereas De Bruyne’s more dynamic and into feet. Celtic’s press put our midfield on the backfoot as well, at least for the first hour…and obviously there are always questions of fitness. He doesn’t get too many serious ones but he’ll pull a muscle somewhere every 2-3 months. I wonder if he’s playing with something at the minute. He’s been on such a good run it feels inevitable.

So this early birthday present arrived :heart:


That reminds me.

Wolf vs THE BIRDS on Saturday:


holy shit that’s awesome :smiley:

would have loved to seen de druyne as well. yeah we thought aguero might be carrying a slight injury. silva was mince.

silva was awesome, man. unless mince means awesome

it definitely doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

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whit?! thought he was mince.

mince = pish

YOLO Toure

Odd game last night. Felt like a combination of Celtic playing to the absolute top of their ability (there’s no chance Dembele’s still there in February I’m afraid) and several of our players having serious off-days, most notably Fernandinho. As above, I think we were still fairly unlucky to ship 3, but opponents will get hopeful shots off if you do altogether too much mincing around in defence.

Hoping it comes as a bit of a wake up call defending-wise, because Spurs will fill their boots if we do it like we have been doing recently. Not picking up a decent left-back during our last spending spree is also looking increasingly like the glaring error it obviously was.

celebrated a point like a win last night

we were definitely at the limit of our abilities but if sinclair wasn’t wrongly flagged for offside we could’ve sneaked it

Really annoyed by Aidy Boothroyd being the u21 manager. Not sure why though.

He did something bad didn’t he? racist? dodgy? can’t remember, can’t be arsed to google it