Thursday Football


Happy new year everyone!!


Updated Top 4 Poll

  • Chelsea
  • Liverpool
  • Spurs
  • Manchester City
  • Arsenal
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We’re well into the wilderness of the Scottish Premiership winter break now. How’s everyone holding up?


quick question - how tall is christian eriksen? (no marckeeing)

  • less than 5ft6
  • 5ft6-8
  • 5ft9-11
  • 6ft-ft2
  • more than 6ft2

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Ravel Morrison is training at Wigan. Gone well for him


More like UNRavel Morrison! Because that’s what’s happening to his career!


Oh he can fuck right off


I liked George Weahs Cousins’s view on it:


In the wake of Bob Bradley’s departure, let’s list our favourite short-term, foreign, one job Premier League managers.

I liked Christian Gross


Felix Magath by a stretch





closed after suspicions of marckeeing by marckee.

  • he is 6ft, isn’t that surprising!?!!





I’d completely forgotten about Nick Powell. Not doing a job, then?


I’m a Wigan resident but not a Wigan fan - by all accounts he’s been pretty garbage this season.


Fucking shite. Only gets a pass cos of the Maribor goal(s).


Do we actually think he’s that talented? In hindsight, I’ve just come to think of him as a player that just happened to hit a half decent championship level standard at a very young age and with a good shot on him rather than a player with bags of top level talent who’s squandered it.