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Everyone looking forward to Pep vs Jose round two then!

Rooney somehow worse than at the weekend.

Spurs fist the Gills with one of their new kids being better than Messi or something?

Kompany injured again? Poor fucker.

Giggs to Swansea?



Aye, real shame for Kompany. But for City at least they have a solid CB pairing now in Otamendi and Stones and also the new Lahm in Kolarov


what is the deal with Rooney anyway? busted flush, for sure. maybe something to do with him being a full time footballer at 17?

20 words or less…


BBC football gossip reports a host of Premier League clubs interested in BRUMA.

Not as interested as our very own @UnicornPorn though.


15 years as a top-level player would be retirement for players who look after themselves let alone him.


bit of that, bit of not treating his body to the same level as yer lionels and cristianos (especially over summer)


What does Rooney have to do to get dropped?

Because I don’t think I can handle an entire season of him/people moaning about him!


@brusma *


Think he’d literally have to have one of his legs fall off at this point mate


funny thing about Rooney is that the pundits generally rate him, don’t they. maybe the average joe ain’t got a good enough eye. dunno. he looks like a broken man to me


Too many mates in the media innit. Watch this exchange from MUTV last night and then watch his individual highlights. It’s mental that pundits defend him:


Don’t feel like enough is made of the fact that Man City paid £6m for Kompany. Absolutely ridiculous signing.


God I wish he wasn’t broken 5ever. :frowning:


agree with all the sentiments about Vonsont. lovely player and seems like a top bloke too


Who would you rather have in your starting XI?

  • Francis Coquelin
  • Wayne Rooney

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ffs get off my laptop @DarwinBabe


If you were Manchester United manager, who would be your midfield 2/3 (select 2/3 of the below)

  • Wayne Rooney
  • Ander Herrera
  • Paul Pogba
  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan
  • Juan Mata
  • Marouane Fellaini
  • Morgan Schneiderlin
  • Michael Carrick
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger
  • Daley Blind

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We drew Leeds #realquiz


Manchester United

  • Yes
  • No

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Lovely stuff from @parsefone there