Thursday ft. a poll

In a cab and the driver has clearly just let off a rotten fart and tried to cover it with cologne. I feel bad cracking open the window as it will let him know that i know

  • Just open the window lmao
  • I too would suffer out of politeness

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Also how’s it going?

He’s not a bad person for farting and trying to disguise it. You’re not a bad person for opening a window.

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I can miserably report that i just left it and have gotten used to the smell :pensive:

He IS a bad person for using cologne though, take him down!

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Morning all!

I fractured my elbow playing football last night so I’m taking today off while I relearn how to get dressed and navigate the world lefthanded.

Never heard


Gf said I looked tired this morn.
I said ‘I am tired of working for living’
Then she said ‘What about socialism and all that stuff?’
I said ‘Socialism for everyone else, lounging for me’

WFH, might get a hair cut


Cover it with Frankfurt-ers.

Or keeping it German, er…

Sounds fucking painful man, get well soon!


I’m on the way to Manchester. But a lovely bus journey through beautiful Lancashire countryside has just descended into the most ghastly horror after seeing a pub sign in Comic Sans.

I ran out of email storage and it’s been so peaceful but now I’m wondering what I’ve missed

Feeling anxious just reading this

Working late today. House smells like an Indian takeaway after the curries I cooked up yesterday. That’s about it for me.

Gonna go back to mikkeller and have the wagyu burger in a bit

I had to google to check that they don’t automatically come through. they don’t. seems like a big flaw in email

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They get bounced back to the sender though don’t they

sucks doesn’t it. makes everything worse for everyone. it’s ok though cause I wont have missed anything.

Can’t describe how little interest I have in getting to and doing work. Fucking cannot be arsed.


Currently at that tipping point where I’m not sure if this is a bad headache or if it’s the beginning of a migraine. Exciting.

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Got a friend who stood as a green councillor and if vehemently anti brexit, replying to any old idiot on Facebook. This comment (from UKIP Wales) that he replied to made me laugh.


Corbyn = DISassembly

Should’ve posted this is the real life dissing