Thursday Halloween Filth Thread



I’m tired, tonight I’m carving pumpkins with the missus, who knows where that will lead.

Ever being in fancy dress/with someone in fancy dress for intimate times? If so what were you/they dressed as?

Also Some sort of propaganda in Vice to try and stop people having fun, weird.


What’s your ass eating technique emo? Do you use a spoon?


I see it more as a finger fo- ABANDON REPLY


An ex showed me the schoolgirl outfit she’d grudgingly put together for the women’s rugby team tour, so yes. Yes I have.

I was dressed as a horny university student at the time.


I have had consensual intercourse with a lady while dressed as a Droog



I like the idea of her being against it and you being like ‘ugh I can’t believe they’re making you dress like this, it’s so reductive… you look hot though tbf, lets bump uglies’


I only ever make love while wearing a cape


I can see why tbf, looking good.


It was an EXTREMELY fine line to tread.


Looks a bit Mumford in retrospect.


Hope you didn’t snap a banjo string.


Always good to practice safe sex




Kind of: I got together with an ex of mine on the night of a cross-dressing ball.* I was dressed as what my friend described as “a 6’4 Janis Joplin”. She was dressed as a 1920s spiv.

Only slight problem came the following day when I had to make my way home. I ended up borrowing the clothes she’d been wearing.

*I studied Cultural Criticism joint honours at uni - same uni / course as @whiterussian albeit a different year. One of our final modules was entitled “cross dressing in fiction” - hence the theme of our end of year ball. A bit problematic, looking back.


Actually, same ex, we had plans to dress up for Halloween as the duo from my favourite non-Star Wars films. She’s blonde and I had some 3D glasses with the lenses out that would have worked, and I just needed an appropriate trucker cap and long wig to complete the ensemble.

About 80% of the appeal of that costume was how hilariously fucked up the in costume sex would have been.

Unfortunately we broke up before Halloween came round. What a missed opportunity.


Bit worried I’ll have done some serious harm to the Fenlands Metropolitan Elite with that mental image.


Would she have come out of the bathroom the following morning like


ha yes, once, as an undead mad hatter.

She was in some sort of egyptian mummy outfit that took ages to get off and really killed the vibe maaan. we also got loads of white face paint all over her sheets which she complained about in the morning.



Poor Cassandra / Dreamweaver woman