Thursday has sprung, has it not?

How are ye?

Its very dark but also very mild and I am puzzled by it.

Gym was empty this morning, unsurprisingly.

How am I still so bad at getting out of bed after all these years


Morning DiS,

I’m in the queue for my booster. I probably could have got a walk in sooner, but I had the appointment before they changed all the rules the other week, and it sounds like there’s been big queues for walk ins so I just left it. Might treat myself to a sugary pastry on the way home. For strength.


Woken up by a delivery at 7:15. It was pitch black outside when the doorbell rang. I assumed it was the start of a home invasion or something. Genuinely disconcerting.

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Got a sore shoulder from yesterdays booster but seem to be ok otherwise

No other updates at this time

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Had a dream that there was a new Shrek movie, but that Donkey was voiced by Keir Starmer.

I’m waiting in this morning for someone to come and fit fibre broadband. The dogs are not happy about the delay to their morning walk.


The Keir Starmer Story.

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My advent calendar coffee was dreadful and I’ve got an interview for a job that I don’t really want but kind of need, and that I’m woefully under-prepared for and don’t have the motivation to get prepared for.


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Feeling miles better after a big sleep! I may even go gym today.

Currently taking it easy with a lil WFB.

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For some silly reason I went to bed at 1.30am last night and unsurprisingly am now tired!


Off for a Christmas haircut. Working 3-11 tonight. First day of my 9 day Christmas stint. Bleugh

i’ve been doing this a lot lately

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It’s so weird, isn’t it? I’m not even really doing anything.

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Day off, work obviously gave me a deadline last night of today but they can wait until tomorrow (which is meant to be our bonus day off for the Xmas party being cancelled). They do not need this thing before Xmas and yet apparently they do.

I have a grumpy ill house guest so I’m walking into town to get a chai and maybe live my best Ringo in hard’s days night life strolling down some canals kicking stones, taking photos of milk bottles, having an existential crisis in an industrial wasteland - keep meaning to start a thread about this actually but it might be too niche :thinking:


its so HOT what the heck. Slept badly between that and booster, was gonna run out to finish some SECRET SANTA shopping as soon as the place opened, but forgot I had a 1-to-1 with my manager soon

ah well, will go after that, feel virtuous and organised, then start stressing anew about whether to go to tonight’s gig or not

Binge watching Friday Night Lights until 1am seems to be my coping strategy atm.


Just had a Gail’s Christmas Bun. It was quite delicious. Odds are high that I’ll buy another before the season’s out.


a very valid strategy

Urg slept terribly and feel pretty groggy today. Think work is pretty much done for the year so should have an easy couple of days hopefully, might see if i can bunk off to go and queue up at a walk in centre for le boosteur. Got a date tonight but might cancel coz I feel rubbish. Going down to hampshire this weekend and slightly dreading it but going for beers with a DiSer and will try to see some old pals.

In the meanwhile… coffee pls.

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I used to think that this was just something you get used to and even start to enjoy as you get older, but even at the ripe old age of 31 I still just don’t ever want to do it

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