Thursday - Have at it?

Morning all!

I’m heading into work this morning to meet one of my classes for the first time. I’ve only been teaching them since August.

I’m picking beer up on the way home though.

I hope your days/ plans are better than mine.

Morning Keith. I too am heading into work for the first time since before Christmas.

Got a new phone this week and just reached my first 5G signal :astonished:

But then I dropped my left airpod and it split in half. Very irked. Hopefully get a refund if I pretend it fell apart when I opened the box. It was an Apple refurb so slightly less insanely expensive but still, that should not happen right?

I’m already bored


Morning friends.

Major cba with cycling this week, so going to take the dog for another long walk this morning.

Might have a bath this afternoon.

That’s it.

I noticed the other day I get 4G in the house but if I go in the back garden it picks up 5G. Exciting.

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Still in bed. Gonna get up soon… any minute now…

Not at work until 3. But then I’m working until 11. Boo

I’ve written “Chill Thursday” in my work notebook, which I’m hoping isn’t tempting fate

There’s some really nice bread downstairs, I’ve been hyped for eating soup today since like yesterday afternoon


might complain in the love life thread about feeling lonely

Morning :partly_sunny: Feeing a bit sicky this morning, thank god for the healing powers of peanut butter on toast. Finally getting to see Scream tonight, just looking forward to kicking back in my fancy recliner with a family pack of fruit pastilles really.

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Drum shtick?


Just had an almond croissant and a coffee, things can only go downhill from here.

Inadvertently having a 2005 morning at work. So far had Bang Bang Rock & Roll, Young For Eternity and now Silent Alarm. Whatever might be next, Arular maybe, who knows!

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Been pooing at work without internet signal for last year or so.

Just realised there’s another toilet at the other end of the floor that gets signal.

Moving offices next month so this is wasted knowledge

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Morning all

VERY quiet day at work today, but that’s just what I need quite frankly.

Blasting out a bit of Electrelane this morning because why not?

Morning :sleeping:
Slept like absolute bobbins last night. Big massive cba today.

I lost the mouse on my laptop this morning. It’s not a USB one or anything, I mean I was moving my finger around on the mousepad and it just… wasn’t anywhere to be found on the screen. Was getting really stressed out thinking it’d like… run away or gone missing and what do you do in that situation? Put up posters?? Fully on the brink of tears before realising there’s a key you can press that… sends it to sleep or something. Silly. Naughty mouse.


I’m at the hairdressers aren’t I! Had to get up and leave the house by 7.30am cause traffic in Staffordshire in the mornings is ridiculous. I’m getting a few inches cut off after my toner/roots are done so I’m excited/nervous.

Rest of the day will be popping the supermarket, grabbing a Mc D’s for lunch then WFH this afternoon.

Weird how you can be unconsciously sad

just put on Venice Bitch by LDR and halfway through, drinking a coffee, shed a tear. Not really sure why at all. Gone full existential now.

i’m aware that’s a fuckin sappy post.

Went for a nice mooch round the cathedral. Took some nice pics for a project my wife is doing at school. Now waiting for a croque Monsieur toastie and then going to work