Thursday headphones thread

Time to get new headphones I think. My AKG 451s are wearing out, great bunch of cans they are. I’m gonna go Bluetooth this time!

£70-ish range. Think I’m choosing between these two. Do you know these headphones? Have you seen them? Your call could be important.

  • Marshall Major II
  • AKG Y50BT
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  • Other, better choices

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(I quite like the look of both of them. Is 20 hours battery life enough for these, like on the AKG?)

I have no comment to make other than telling you that I left my earphones at home today and I’m quite upset about it. Zooming through Green Hill Zone Act 1 is NOT the same without the music.


my Bose wireless ones are getting really nasty, probably shouldn’t have worn them in the bath so many times

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Now that the Bose QC35 II have been out a while I thought it might be the right time to get an 2nd hand pair of the originals on eBay… nope. Still going for around £200.

don’t get the marshall ones :face_vomiting:

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I bought some Sennheiser HD4.40 headphones from Richer Sounds a couple of months back, and they’re great. I charge them every couple of weeks and that’s before they’ve gone flat, with an hour or two’s listening every day.

I just did a google comparison search thing, and they come out on top of your choices too :slight_smile:


Bowers & Wilkins P3 or Grado SR80e (open back though)

I think it was last Christmas that I asked for a new set of headphones from my gf and she followed the brief to the LETTER in terms of what features I was after, and… I hate them. Stupid Sony pieces of crap. Obviously I haven’t told her this.

I am now Sennheiser 4 lyfe.

You can’t get any bluetooth headphones for £70 with at least reasonable sound quality.
Even on £300+ bluetooth headphones the quality is nowhere near as good as wired headphones.

Nah, headphones are gentler on my dainty earholes

Why not the Marshalls? Is it because of the weird amp design? It’s a bit weird, but wouldn’t be seeing it if it’s on my head

yeah its purely on how they look.

and Id trust some Scandinavians who have been designing headphones for decades over marshall who just want a piece of the pie :man_shrugging: they probably sound great for all I know

The B&W and Grado look lovely, might be a stretch though. Agree about the gimmicky design of the Marshalls, but if it annoys other commuters on my train that’s arguably a plus

oh if theyre for your commute then the open back grados will piss them off much more :laughing: count them out

My wife (Adam Buxton voice) is after a pair of wireless overear headphones for home/gym. Probably in the £50 range. Any recommendations?

I am now on my 4th pair of those Cambridge Audio £25 charity ones that silky tried to flog for a profit. If they’re seemingly happy to replace them everytime they break then I’m set for life.

Can’t remember which model they are and if they break this frequently maybe I shouldn’t be recommending them, sorry.


I should get my pair replaced.

Any recommendations around the 40-50 quid mark? Wired, ideally with a wee button that you can pause with.

This. I treated myself to a pair of top of range, most highly rated £300 Sony ones a few months ago but returned them after a week because the sound wasn’t as good as the earphones that came free with my phone.

Am kind of leaning towards the Marshalls for no other reason than they’re the only ones with the controls on the left side (I’m a lefty) and other headphones are discriminaTORY

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