Thursday headphones thread



Any recommendations around the 40-50 quid mark? Wired, ideally with a wee button that you can pause with.


This. I treated myself to a pair of top of range, most highly rated £300 Sony ones a few months ago but returned them after a week because the sound wasn’t as good as the earphones that came free with my phone.


Am kind of leaning towards the Marshalls for no other reason than they’re the only ones with the controls on the left side (I’m a lefty) and other headphones are discriminaTORY


I’m also on my third pair of these. Longevity issues aside, they really do sound great


I’ve got these or maybe 4.50 fully endorse


I have a pair of the AKG’s you’re looking at. They sound great but the build quality is shit. After 8 months they’ve started to fall apart and I’m not hard on headphones.


I might email them and ask how long it will go on for, and then really try hard to look after my last pair.


I feel bad, but they’re always happy to replace them!

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