Thursday - Heatwave 2: The Heatwavening

Alreet? Staying cool?
Hope you’re all looking after yourselves. Am on my hols, well, down at me mums for the week, but down south so we’re cooking.

And being on leave, naturally I’m meeting a work contact for coffee this morning…

Tell me your day’s plans, hopes, dreams, and ice cream schedules.

Morning. Had a blast yesterday until the train I was sat on was cancelled halfway through my journey home, meaning I missed my connecting train home. Delayed by about an hour. Luckily I managed to get South Western Trains to pay for a taxi from Southampton home for me.

Going out for breakfast when my wife and kids get back from their stay at her sisters and then late shift at work.

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Oh yeah it’s hot innit

There is someone in the office who looks older than me wearing a Bad Boy Chiller Crew t-shirt. Good lad.


Got a really nice breeze going on - had an epic breeze last night which kept me real cool like. However if it’s anything like yesterday the heat will wreck my energy levels.

Feel oodles better than I did yesterday - woke up at 5am and did a 2hr Hike to Rottingdean windmill and back (to help prevent me circling down the depression drain further) and now working


I’m going out for work! Got a interview to conduct at 10 in person so that’s fun. Leaving the puppy and kids with my parents so hopefully things will be ok. Puppy life is still the best!

A lot of excitement round our way this morning as Bluey S3 is now on Disney. New episodes to watch on repeat!!

Anyway, best actually have some breakfast and get dressed!

DO your best out there punx x

Sitting in the cooler room
Fan on
Iced latte
Lots of water

The plan of action. Then probably off to a free bar(/free oyster?) art event my flatmate is working this evening

Had to go to the office like a stupid piece of shit.

Alright @robstation01 et al :wave:

Looks like it is gonna be a warm one here in Staffordshire! Been out for a walk already with baby to get some sunshine and fresh air before too warm, and went via Greggs to get a pain au chocolat and cappucino. Lovely.

Back home now, deciding what to watch, really don’t know what I’m in the mood for.

Will pop to M&S later today, air conditioned car to air conditioned store to get something nice for our tea. And some more of that lovely Lemon & Yuzu sparking water.

Thats all…

Stay cool and hydrated out ther DiS!

  • suncream smells like holidays
  • just smells like suncream yknow

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Now’s the time to prune yr lavender if you have any


I dont but I wish I did. Love a bit of lavendar.

Heatwave? What heatwave?

Absolutely spot on here again.

Taking doglet to the beach for a couple of hours this morning. Going to get a crab for pre-lunch again I reckon.

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Is this a euphemism? It is Thursday after all


Has anyone ever resigned without a job to go to? It’s a bad idea isn’t it.

Morning folks,

It’s a parenting day for me, probably going to head to the park for a bit before it gets too hot this morning. Who knows about this afternoon though

One of ours mysteriously seems to have died. Was doing well and then just went all brown and crispy.

I did this

Sometimes it’s necessary

Urgh, already feels far too close this heat.

Got some stuff to finish off, an application to write.
My hopes are this weird soreness on the leftside of my mouth fucks off soon.
My dreams are one of the many applications I send out gets me an interview and hopefully a new job.
Ice cream schedule: 3pm?

I am this close to doing it, but having no money is giving me the fear to stay on.

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