Thursday Heatwevening

Evening all!

We had a Local Indian takeaway for tea.

Our house has new upstairs windows. Wor Lass is moving furniture because I can’t be trusted not to ask questions of her.

How are you doing?


Off for 2 weeks and the bank holiday now. No plans, might build the largest stack of cards imaginable.


It’s too fucking hot

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sitting on a children’s climbing frame/slide cause it’s sunny here. just listed it on freecycle, rip sweet climbing frame maybe.

two (2) beers deep. cheese board for tea tonight. could be worse like

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Park beer!

That’s it, Lidl quiche for dinner maybe, listening to Lucy Dacus in advance of seeing her in a few weeks. After a very lazy start to the festival I think next week will be PACKED, so that’s fun

So lots of planning not much doing rn

Today has been, well, challenging. There was a chilled out plan for the afternoon which I was quite looking forward to, which involved hiding from the sun and watching Lightyear on Disney plus. But Lightyear wasn’t coming up when we searched for it, possibly because I couldn’t spell or maybe I was distracted by an overheated child. As an alternate plan my other half found a belated birthday present for Jimbo from our old neighbours - some kind of build your own robot thing. The box said 8+, and Jimbo’s only seven. He dived straight in without looking at any instructions, and I felt like a bad dad for telling him to slow down. Realistically it was way harder than an 8 year old to build and I even was swearing at it. Jimbo got bored and kept distracting my other half from work which definitely not the plan, and there was a bit of robot which wasn’t holding together, so I thought I’d get the superglue, and somehow got some on my tee shirt. Quite frankly, this afternoon can fuck right off.

Hopefully Jimbo should go to sleep easily since he was up until almost 10pm last night, but the way things are going I’m bracing myself to be called up to him multiple times

Any beers of note

Quiche salad and chips for tea.

Not sure I’ve done a great job with the quiche but meh, it all ends up chewed up in your gob doesn’t it :sweat_smile:

Played cards earlier, now gonna watch tv and try and sleep :eyes:

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How is your new house?

It is hot, and work is already wank. Ah well.

Also had to cut the front grass. Took an hour. Now need to do the back and might take three hours. Not sure if I should try and do it tonight or wait until tomorrow, but it nis due to be like 28C here.

Not ready

gonna go listen to pink floyd after I get my £5 pizzas and beer from coop


nah, cut those out a long time ago, too spendy for my blood tbh. sainos craft that my old man left behind the other day

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Good evening, nerds


Absolutely delightful.

It’s coincided with the baby being extremely mobile which is very fun times. Had to fit some stair gates today.


Hiya! Had maple bbq pork steaks but couldn’t really taste them :cry: was so hungry I wolfed them down anyway.

Excited to see the super moon tonight :new_moon_with_face:

How’s your new house? :slight_smile:

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Want chocolate so so so much. Can someone please drop off a mars ice cream :icecream:

Want to write, want to crochet, want to watch tv, want to read - will do nothing and then be angry at myself

very happy with it although someone’s already driven into our parked car so that’s good

boxes everywhere, mind