Thursday, hope and cool moon day

Feel sick about today. M is literally sick so that’s adding to the mood.

But this is cool:

Plans today?

Hope M gets well soon.

Anxiety already rising about later. Can’t hack it.

Going to eat bacon when I get to work and do some writing later.

Fucking season ticket is broken already after six days. Absolute sack of shite.


Morning today is all about Work, Vote, Drink in that order. Good luck everyone.

just gonna be looking for dogs at polling stations across various social mediums all day i think


I miss taking the rats with me in a bag :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Morning Scout. Plans:

  • work
  • buy secret santa present for work
  • carol service practice
  • fret about the election


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got that thing where one eyelid keeps flicking up and down.

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That film has such a strong soundtrack. “Restate my assumptions.”





Morning - WFH watching the apprentice

Can’t get out to vote for Caroline until Kwik fit have come to fit the tyre they should have done on Monday. I’ve got a feeling they aren’t going to show

You all might think you’re having tough mornings but I had one of my work nights out last night and I feel far from optimal.

I’ve had two coffees and a bacon/ tattie scone roll and they have done absolutely nothing to sort me out.

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Working. Have to go into town afterwards and move some equipment. Must ring a music shop in Dublin and organise collection of my GF’s Christmas present.

Work Christmas party later…

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Wife and kids have been knocked out by the bug going round. I’m in agony from my surgery and the house has zero food so we are at peak pity for ourselves. And there was no fucking coffee.

Going to vote soon. Fuck the Tories.

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I’m knackered again, after my long day yesterday.

The traffic was really heavy today due to roadworks in Coulsdon, which caused queues in all directions.

But later, a BMW decided to try cutting a whole queue of traffic by bypassing 20+ cars in a right only lane. The lights changed, so I was in the correct lane and he was in the right turn only lane next to me. While waiting for the lights to change, he was rocking his car back and forth, revving to make sure he could pull away and cut me up.

The lights changed, he stalled. How I laughed, I don’t think he appreciated it and no one was letting him back in.



After the front door handle snapped off clean in my hand last night I can no longer lock it. I’m housebound until Mrs W gets home - when I get to take the dogs with me to vote.

Also, I had an altercation with a taxi driver this morning, when he tried to run me over on a zebra crossing, whilst I was with my 8 year old daughter. Prick.

Bed tea :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:
Shower :arrow_heading_down::new:
Vote :x::x:
Playstation :symbols::symbols:
Christmas buffet :repeat_one::repeat_one:
Finish work early :pause_button::cool:
Watch Parasite :arrow_upper_right::cinema:
Distract election dread with beer :next_track_button::previous_track_button:


Cheerios for breakfast>work

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I also had Cheerios for brekko - I regret to inform you UK Cheerios are better than us ones cos they’ve got about 5x more sugar

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No sugar for me Im afraid, i like to put raspberries in mine.