Thursday I think

Alright? What’s on today then? I’ve got another long day of packing up orders, preparing for Christmas markets and a group of pub staff on a tour. Can’t wait for 5pm already. How’s Thursday treating you?


Already incredibly tired.

Wife has norovirus so I’ve been sleeping on the fold out sofabed and it is not comfy. Managed to avoid catching it so far, touch wood.

Double annoying as we’ve just got a new mattress for our bed, not even out of the box, and I’ve not managed to try it out yet. Better be good.

Roll on friday.

2 more presentations today, one starting in 20 mins.
Who do I think I am? Deborah Meadon?! That’s right, I am Deborah Meadon.


Can I borrow ££££ please, Deborah?

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GF had some false labour contractions last night which was a bit freaky. Can’t be far away now.

Work I guess. It’s snowed! (A bit)


Morning all!

Going into Cambridge today. I swear it’s not normally this cold in early December - really CBA with using the train. On the plus side, going out for drinks after work, so that’ll be nice.

Oh, and I’ve been deciding on carols for an upcoming carol service. I feel that @scout should know that The Calypso Carol has been voted in.

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Feel like shit, slept terribly as a result


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Might do some rushed Christmas shopping today due to a family visit this weekend. Be good to “get it out of way” I suppose

Just going to buy everyone a scented candle and some chocolate, no matter who they are



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Morning all.

Heading into the office. Nippy out isn’t it?

Got a Christmas meal this lunchtime. Feels a bit early.

Keep forgetting that there’s no new Taskmaster tonight.

Slept terribly. 4½hrs. Shattered. Boss phoned me on my day off and asked if I could bail him out and work until 11 tonight. So I’m working until 11 tonight. Going to go round the Christmas market this morning and doing some wallowing

The weeks have suddenly ramped up in how fast they’re going, right? Like in the last couple of weeks someone has shaved off a few days a week for sure. This is all well and good workwise but I am not having any of this relative time nonsense this weekend please.

Watching Hilda in bed still with M as its my day off. It isn’t hers though so I should get going!

Birthday innit. Working.

Also cultivating a playlist for a party on Saturday because there’s no WiFi and spotty mobile signal. Might convert it into a ‘fun’ guess what’s on the Playlist/make some suggestions game later idk

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Morning morning
Going to watch some films and eat some food today I think

Happy birthday @Aggpass

Hope @weeber is feeling better today too


I’m off most of next week so I just have to drag my bones through 3 more working days. Weeks seem to be getting longer imo, often feel like a Tuesday should be a Thursday.

Happy Birthday!!! :kissing_heart::tada::partying_face::birthday::gift::balloon::confetti_ball:


Fire alarm in our hall went off at 5.30am. I stayed in bed for ages cos I thought it was coming from another building, then spent about 10 minutes stumbling around getting dressed, started to go down the stairs and then it stopped. Still more than my neighbours did tbf, we’re all done for if there’s an actual fire




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So hard to get up. Hate it

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