Thursday I think

Slept badly but have to wake up at 3.30am to watch bts last day in LA that’s streamed online, was v jealous that I couldn’t go until i saw how crowded it is and actually I’m OK to just watch online :sob:

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Don’t normally struggle with this but I’m really enjoying my bed lately. The fundamental problem is that being in bed is better than not being in bed. What can this world offer me that’s better than being a weighted blanket burrito?? Literally nothing


HP BD AP! :cake:

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Boring dream/Football chat

Dreamt England were playing Portugal in a World Cup game and Pepe deliberately kicked Harry Maguire but only got a yellow card and everyone was furious

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Morning folks!

Day off for me, so I’m going to use it wisely and do a load of errands and put a dent in my Xmas shopping. Looks like a lovely day for it :sun_with_face:

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I think I am - thank you! I’ve woken up today with just a cough. The last few days have been really unpleasant. Covid is a nasty fucker.

Are you okay? Were you waiting on a PCR home testing kit?


Life is a con, eps. Especially when you realise that old people who don’t work and could stay in bed never do.

I’m wearing my “loungewear” (pyjamas) on the school run this morning because I owe it to myself to be as close to being in bed as possible.


Was not like this when I woke!


Good to hear. Yep, it really is.
After the main symptoms subsided it felt like I’d been pushed off a cliff but that slowly abated to only being hit by a train. Then a bus, then a car. Then I was ok!
Hope the vaccine has taken the edge off the worst parts for you but sounds like you’ve had it bad nonetheless. Get well soon


I’ve just taken an executive decision to skip my 9 o’clock for hilariously defensible (if dull) business reasons, so might use the blocked out hour as an excuse to reburrito, or at the very least, quesadilla.


Just been dinged by test and trace, if i get quarantined with my wife who’s meant to be moving out on saturday for 10 days i am suing work

Good mooooorrrniiing

Issue I have when working from home this week is that I keep having a little check of some work-in-progress tunes before starting, and then end up getting distracted and rushing to sign into the morning video call

At least I’m having a better morning than my pal who has just ran into work and found that they forgot to pack trousers


Yeah and because I can’t really get into a routine I can’t really set my heating to come on at the right time to mitigate it, so just stay in bed as long as I can

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Today is your birthday, but tomorrow it won’t be, don’t get too big for your boots, yeah?

:wink: :partying_face: :heart:

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HB Aggpass

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This feels like it should be in the Terrible Christmas Movies thread

hope you’re bearing up, though

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On the plus side this has reminded me that my old managing partner managed to drop his trousers into the toilet when changing out of his cycling gear on three separate occasions while I was working there.

Just put the seat down ffs


wfh today and that would normally be ace but the mrs is out all day so instead of chatting with her at lunch i’ll be eating a sandwich on me own then raking the leaves :cry:

Never heard it etc.