Thursday, I think

Alright? Keep losing track of what day it is this week. Another very busy day ahead doing beer stuff and sweating. Might go to the beach for a walk and a pint later. What’s on today?

Alright funkman

Haircut with hector, late shift. That’s it



Was on the 6.43 train from Euston or something silly. Just at Cov now.

Get home. Take dog for a quick spin before it gets too hot. Cycle to work.

At Peterborough services ordering a massive mcds breakfast to try and wake me up for the 2nd half of my drive

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Geez a wave as you pass junction 33

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Heal me


Had a lovely evening in Naples then came back to my apartment for an early night to see someone standing outside his balcony on the building opposite with blood on his hands shouting something. Turns out it was this;

Saw a couple people from the wedding I’d been at whilst trying to figure out what was happening so went for a couple more drinks including an amazing chocolate rum cocktail

Having a mostly indoors day today as I’ve had a lot of sun. Museums and a Naples underground thing is in the diary

Hello DiS!

Apparently today is Sussex Day. Who knows how I’m meant to be celebrating. Maybe I should try and buy some Harvey’s Sussex to drink tonight?

You’re not meant to be druv I think

Morning, DiS! Slept quite well again last night so been up doing house stuff and then took a walk with some coffee and got some grocery shopping in the way home. Maybe having lasagne tonight as mince was on yellow sticker (and because it’s easy but tasty)

Sneaking in assignment work before work-work but also maybe during work-work as deadline is CLOSE

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Is that all of Sussex, or just Lewes?

Wait - I found some tips online:

  1. Take a quick history lesson
  2. Hear the town crier in Worthing
  3. Embark on a journey of discovery at Chichester Cathedral

Because it’s completely feasible to go to a different town when you have to work, which just leaves the absolutely riveting “Take a History Lesson”.


Was rudely awoken at 3:30am by some incredibly noisy fox sex (outside in my garden, for clarification).

How can such beautiful animals make such horrendous noises?!



Also disappointed to learn that Sussex Day has only been a thing since 2007.

I guess all traditions have to start somewhere though, and probably explains why there isn’t a county wide cheese rolling event or something like that to commemorate it

Turns out you’re right. This is the quite awful Sussex Charter:

For all the people of the ancient kingdom of Sussex!
Let it be known: the 16 June of each and every year shall be known as Sussex Day.
Sussex day shall be celebrated according to the rites and traditions of Sussex.
Let it be known all the people of Sussex shall be responsible for the maintenance of those boundaries that join to those of our neighbours.
Let it be known all the people of Sussex shall be responsible for all the environs within those boundaries.
Let it be known, the people of Sussex shall recognise the inshore waters that lie inside a line drawn from Beachy Head, and extending to Selsey Bill as being, the Bay of Sussex.
Let it be known, the people of Sussex will undertake responsibility for the general well being of our neighbours.
Let it be known the people of Sussex shall be guardians of our wildlife.
Let it be known the people of Sussex will, through custom support all local business.
Finally, let it be known, as guardians of Sussex, we all know Sussex is Sussex … and Sussex won’t be druv!
In God we trust.
God Save the Queen!

They’ve started cutting down trees and mincing them in the house opposite to mine. Can they fucking not. Literally so loud.

It is Thursday after all.


The round of 16 is now live in the World Cup of Cities. Democracy has never been more exciting!

Are you #TeamMicroregionOfVotuporanga or #TeamNewportWrexhamAndStAsaphCombinedBid? Let me know in the comments!

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