Thursday, I think

What’s up with my head this week? My ears are ringing and my head feels so sore when i wake up. I diagnose sinus…stuff :thinking::woman_health_worker:

My one good hair day a year has rolled around. Might abandon my duties today and just skip around town showing off the high bounce level. Might not though, not sure i can handle all the curl paparazzi.


Same here. My head feels sore and weird and all fuzzy. Reckon it’s all the rapeseed playing merry havoc with my sinuses.

Hmm I don’t usually get hayfever but have a bit this year, could be that then. It’s horrible teally struggling to get out of bed. Silly heads. Hope you feel better soon

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Me too, I’m normally smugly fine but this year seems to have hit me hard. You too :heart:

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I dont want to tempt fate but some kind of sleep is returning at nights from F. Its unpredictable and short but better than near enough the complete absense last week so feeling more human.

Going to take the pram and go for a nice stroll in a little bit. Make the most of the sunny weather!

Got our first baby massage and yoga class at 1pm so that’ll be nice!


just had beans on toast. gonna be a great day based on that

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Do sainsbo’s take out the money for an online order the day before or on the day?

Usually about 7-8am on the day for me.

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They allow you to update your order till midnight the day before the day of delivery so I’d presume on the day (and based on what funky has said, haha).

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So bloody hot.

Ooo there’s an old one knocking about iirc

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Aha! Though obviously you might want to start a new one regardless :slight_smile:


Public Speaking

OK then, here’s some Sussex History for you.

There’s two roads called Wolsley Road in Brighton & Hove - one in Coldean, and the other in Portslade. They’re named after Viscount Wolsley, who was a big cheese in the Army at the time the roads were built around 1900-ish, and was so famous he was parodied in the Gilbert And Sullivan song The Modern Major General from Pirates of Penzance.

The Portslade Wolsley Road has a pub on it called the Stanley Arms. Who’s Stanley, I hear you ask? He’s the name of the Modern Major General character.

Happy Sussex Day!

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Haha wooaah, totally forgot about this.

@GentleGiant id be interested in a new thread being started!

Have you done much speaking since that?

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Morning all!

I’m really just trying to make small gains in the battle of attrition that my job has become this year today. I’ve got two students to talk to in order to fix assessment work and a larger pile of resubmitted things I’ll have worked through by the end of the morning, and then an assessed meeting at 6.30.

I only have 50 papers left to mark of my exam workload so I’ll be trying to join @Squandered in doing extra-work on work-work time.

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I’m too embarrassed to read what I wrote, lol, but I’m guessing I may have been talking about my issues talking in groups of people at work. Funnily enough, the pandemic kind of helped with that. I don’t feel so exposed chatting in front of my work mates as I only have to do it in zoom at the moment.

But In short, no. And I still definitely would have issues with it, just get a complete mind blank when asked the simplest questions. However, since then I’ve been treated for my anxiety so maybe I’d cope with it better now.

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haha, I feel the same about old posts, that’s why I hid it in summary as I hate previews of my own posts coming up unannounced!

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Haha, thanks lovely. Not a problem, past me just makes me cringe so hard sometimes :laughing:

10am ice lolly don’t mind if I do do do